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French quiz.

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1 French quiz

2 1. Which of these countries does not share a border with France?
Spain Italy Germany The Netherlands

3 2. Jean-Paul Gaultier is famous for….
goal scoring tennis playing fashion designing cooking

4 3. Pick a country apart from France where French is spoken.
Senegal The Netherlands Turkey Austria

5 4. When did France win the soccer World Cup?
2002 2006 1998 1994

6 5. Which of these labels is French?
Nike Reebok Le coq sportif Puma

7 6. What would you do with ‘le béret’?
Eat it Drink it Wear it Carry it

8 7. Pick the odd one out. Brie Camembert Gruyère Saucisson sec

9 8. ‘Roland-Garros’ is the name of a famous tournament and sport’s ground in France. Which sport is played there? Tennis Rugby Golf Handball

10 9. Where was the first McDonalds built in France?
Paris Marseille Strasbourg Nice

11 10. Who makes the perfume ‘J’adore’?
Chanel Dior Lancôme L'Oréal

12 11. ‘La Loire, La Seine and la Garonne’ are all French…..
mountains rivers lakes monuments

13 12. What is “Mont Blanc’? A famous French yoghurt
France’s highest mountain France’s longest river A village where all the houses are white

14 13. ‘The small sparrow’ was the. nickname of which famous French
13. ‘The small sparrow’ was the nickname of which famous French singer? Francoise Hardy Vanessa Paradis Edith Piaf Maurice Chevalier

15 14. Which food is Dijon famous for?
ham snails mustard cheese

16 15. When did the French Revolution take place?
1655 1789 1865 1431

17 16. What is the ‘French Foreign Legion’?
A skin disease A military unit A road race

18 17. What is the capital of France?
Lyon Marseille Paris Rome

19 18. “Pinot noir’ is an ………… Apple Grape Cherry Black currant

20 19. What does the ‘14th of July’ celebrate?
The French revolution World War II The birth of Napoleon

21 executioner doctor butcher hairdresser
20. What was the profession of Joseph Guillotin the inventor of the ‘guillotine’? executioner doctor butcher hairdresser

22 21. Which French region is called ‘La Bretagne’?
Brittany Bordeaux region The south Paris suburbs

23 22. In which year did Joan of Arc die?
1455 1431 1589 1601

24 23. Who developed a reading language for the blind?
Louis Pasteur Louis Braille Marie Curie

25 24. In which year was the Eiffel Tower built?
1901 1889 1786 1942

26 25. Which king of France was known as ‘The Sun King’ ?
Louis XIV Napoleon Charles V Henri VI

27 26. Which is the longest river in France?
Loire Seine Rhône

28 27. Which monetary unit is used in France?
Euro Mark Lira

29 28. How many ‘stages’ are there in the 2009 Tour de France?
27 17 21 10

30 29. What is the height of the Eiffel Tower?
512m 324m 280m 177m

31 30. Which famous monument was a present to the USA from France?
The Liberty Bell The Statue Of Liberty The Washington Memorial The Gateway Arch

32 31. ‘Charles de Gaulle’ is a famous French….
holiday place king red wine general

33 32. Who is the current President of France?
Nicolas Sarkozy François Mitterrand Jacques Chirac Napoleon

34 33. Which of these car manufacturers is French?
Renault Fiat Porsche Audi

35 34. Who wrote the books ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ and
Who wrote the books ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ and ‘Les Miserables’? Hugo Camus Sartre Voltaire

36 35. What is the French National Anthem called?
La Parisienne La Belle France La Marseillaise

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