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Fine Arts Music Art Literature Dance

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1 FAME Fine Arts Mini Experience Sinbad the Sailor by Paul Klee Sinbad At Sea by Rimsky-Korsakov

2 Fine Arts Music Art Literature Dance

3 Art is made up of lines, color, light & shadow, and texture

4 Music consists of: Melody rhythm harmony dynamics

5 How many of you have ever been to the ocean
How many of you have ever been to the ocean? Today we are going to make an imaginary trip there. Close your eyes. Picture what it looks like and listen to the music. See if you can really feel as through you are on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Can you feel the movement of the oceans? Now I’m going to give you some help with your imagination. I have a bottle of water and I’m going to spray you lightly to make you feel as though you are at the ocean. Before I spray you, remember we are trying to create a peaceful day on the water, so feel calmness, keep your eyes closed, and make believe you are sitting in that boat and the sea spray is blowing in your face. This is a piece of music that the composer tried to make sound like the ocean. A composer writes music. (Spray here) This piece of music and the painting I’m going to show you, tell the story of Sinbad the Sailor. Introduction

6 Sinbad’s father dies, leaving young Sinbad wealthy
Sinbad’s father dies, leaving young Sinbad wealthy. He wastes his money by buying fancy clothes and expensive meals. He realizes that he will soon be poor so he sells what he has left and buys a ship. He has many adventures and lands on an island. The island is beautiful! The crew lights fires and washes their clothes. Suddenly, the island quakes as they have landed on a whale! They run for their lives! Sinbad floats for days in a wash tub and finally lands safely on a real island. Sinbad finds food and sees amazing sights including a fish with a head like an owl. Eventually he gets home, forgets his hardships and plans for his 2nd voyage. This story is told by a composer named Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and an artist named Paul Klee. The Story of Sinbad

7 1844-1908 Sinbad at Sea Korsakov loved fairy tales
Korsakov joined the navy He began to compose songs about the sea He married and had three kids He became a teacher of music He had several heart attacks which led to his death in 1908 Melody is important to his piece because it tells the story. The melody is told through the violin’s song. Sinbad at Sea By Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov The composer’s name sounds a little different but it’s easy to remember. His name sounds like a cough. Rimsky-Korsakov.

8 1879-1940 Sinbad the Sailor By Paul Klee Born in Switzerland
He could draw with both hands He sang and played violin He loved opera He became obsessed with color He married and had a son, Felix He used to make puppets for Felix He became an art professor He was denounced by the Nazis He died in 1940 from measles Sinbad the Sailor By Paul Klee

9 Sinbad the Sailor Central characters: Warrier w/spear Three monsters
Group is unified by: Color Pattern Bright colors Dark background Ocean and sky are divided by a curve that resembles a wave. Background is made of irregular rectangles Figures are made up of smaller, more complex geometric patterns in greater color mix

10 Klee’s other famous works
Color Lines

11 Shapes Lines Color

12 Sinbad the Sailor

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