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Little Red Riding Hood Written by Amber Byers and Talia Gray.

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2 Little Red Riding Hood Written by Amber Byers and Talia Gray

3 Once upon a time there lived a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood. She always wore red clothes every single day. She wore a red cloak and a red sparkly dress. She lived in a small house with her mother and father near the woods. Grandma lived in the middle of the woods, but also there lived a BIG BAD ANGRY WOLF in the forest. He was a lonely wolf because he had no friends at all. He often scared people. And Little Red Riding Hood did not like him at all.

4 One sunny morning Little Red Riding Hood’s mum said “please take this basket of fresh fruit to granny because she does not feel very well.” “Ok mum” she replied. “Well off you set deary and don’t talk to strangers.” “Ok mum I wont” giggle Little Red Riding Hood. So picked up the basket of fresh fruit and off she skipped to Granny’s house.

5 Meanwhile the Big Bad Wolf had been watching Little Red Riding Hood skipping through the forest. Then all of a sudden the wolf stood on a branch and it made a loud creaking sound. Little Red Riding Hood stopped and cried out “hello is anybody there”. She quickly ran as fast as she could all the way to Grandma’s house.

6 Eventually he got to Granny’s house and rapped loudly on the front door. Granny got a fright and nearly dropped her tea pot. “Come in my dear” said Granny. and granny looked out of the window and the wolf jumped out and shouted Boo.

7 As Little Red Riding Hood waked in the bedroom she gasped in horrid and said oh granny what big teeth you have got granny you are not well at all you need to go to bed granny and I will bring you a cup of tea up for you granny.

8 And then she saw that granny wasn’t granny, IT WAS THE BIG BAD ANGRY WOLF! And the wood cutter heard Little Red Riding Hood and came racing into Granny’s house. Quickly go and get my axe said dad. As soon as he got the axe he chopped the wolf in half and out popped granny. Little Red Riding Hood gave her a great big hug.

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