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The Urban Game.

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1 The Urban Game

2 It’s 1800 and we are in America…
Listen carefully as we read background to our game. Think about: What people do for a living How people live The different classes in our village Over the next 55 years, we are going to experience a major revolution!!!

3 Map Key RIP Cemetery Theatre Coal Mine Factory Apartment
STORE Coal Mine PUB Factory Apartment Private School Church Nice House Jail Restaurants House

4 Round One - 1800 Draw: Draw a simple wooden bridge across the river
Draw two roads (one north/south which goes across the bridge, one east/west). Make it as wide as your pinky finger. Draw 10 houses. Spread them out, this is a farm community. Draw in some farm fields. Draw 1 church, 1 cemetery, 1 store, 1 pub, 1 coal mine, and at least 50 trees!!! Leave some space around the houses for farmland.

5 Round Two - 1810 Add 1 factory Add 5 houses for workers
No smoke – it is powered by water Must be placed on the river bank Add 5 houses for workers

6 Round Three- 1820 Build yourself 1 nice home Build the canal
must run parallel to the water)

7 Round Four- 1825 Add 2 more factories along the river. (Canal water is not swift enough.) Add 10 common houses for workers

8 Round Five - 1830 Add 5 more factories (w/ smoke)
Add smoke to all pre-existing factories Add 2 nice houses & 10 common houses Add 2 stores Expand your cemetery You may add additional roads & 1 additional bridge Add 1 jail & 2 pubs STORE Jail PUB

9 Round Six - 1835 Add 3 churches, remove 1 pub
Add 5 factories (w/ smoke) anywhere on the map Add 2 apartments Apartment

10 Round Seven - 1840 Add 5 Nice Homes Add 2 theatres Add 2 restaurants
Add 1 private school Restaurants Private School

11 Round Eight - 1845 Add five more houses for RR workers
Add 1 major railroad line Connect all factories to your coal mine Send train out of town to other towns Add five more houses for RR workers Add 3 factories with smoke Add 1 nice house Add 3 more apartments

12 Round Nine: Immigration - 1850
Destroy 3 houses Add 8 apartments Add 2 pubs, 1 church, 1 store, 1 cemetery

13 Round 10: Pollution and Urban Problems - 1855
Add 1 jail, 1 public school Jail

14 Using your Map, answer the following questions:
How has the physical layout of the map changed? How has daily life changed for people? Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?

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