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Starring Your Host Mr.Scharich The French Revolution.

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3 Starring Your Host Mr.Scharich The French Revolution

4 French Revolution Napoleon Notable People PotluckS.S. Soup 100 pts 200 pts 400 pts 200 pts 300 pts 400 pts 500 pts 300 pts 200 pts

5 About what percent of France’s population belonged to the third Estate?

6 What is 98%

7 Which document stated that “men are born and remain free and equal in rights”?

8 The Declaration of the Rights of Man

9 During the Reign of Terror, who was safe from the guillotine?

10 No one

11 What happened on July 14, Bastille Day?

12 An angry mob stormed a prison looking for gunpowder. It marked France’s Independence.

13 What was the slogan of the French Revolution?

14 Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood

15 What was Napoleon able to accomplish during peacetime?

16 Set up Lycees or public schools, fairer tax code and a system of laws

17 How did Admiral Nelson win the Battle of Trafalgar?

18 He divided the French fleet and attacked smaller groups of ships

19 Why did Napoleon attack Portugal?

20 To enforce the terms of the Continental System.

21 What island did Napoleon die?

22 St.Helena

23 Who was the British Duke who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo?

24 Duke of Wellington

25 When the 3 rd Estate were kicked out of their meeting place they made a pledge known as what? This pledge said they would stay until a new constitution was created.

26 Tennis Court Oath

27 This is a sudden forceful removal of the government.

28 Coup d’ etat

29 To restore relations with France and the Roman Catholic Church Napoleon and the Pope signed this agreement.

30 Concordat

31 What Jacobin became leader of the revolution and set out to build a “republic of virtue”?

32 Maximilien Robespierre

33 What was the main goal of the Congress of Vienna?

34 To establish a balance of power in Europe Reinstating the royal families to their thrones Surrounding France with strong neighbors The leader of the Congress of Vienna was Prince Klemens von Metternich of Austria

35 Napoleon attempted to make Europe more self-sufficient using what?

36 Continental System Portugal refused to obey it so Napoleon would later go through Spain to invade Portugal (Peninsular War) British would respond with their own blockade which was more effective

37 The social and political system used in France in the 1770’s was called what?

38 Old Regime

39 1812 Napoleon sends his Grand Army to Russia. What does Czar Alexander I do as he retreats?

40 Burns everything (Scorched Earth Policy)

41 In an attempt to appear like he was a chosen leader Napoleon held a vote of the people called what?

42 Plebiscite

43 What is Napoleon’s system of laws called?

44 The Napoleonic Code

45 What nations made up the Holy Alliance?

46 Russia, Austria and Prussia

47 After Napoleon escapes exile he gathers another army of volunteers and seizes power from what French King?

48 King Louis XVIII Napoleon’s last bid for power is called the 100 Days ends at the Battle of Waterloo

49 What famous battle took place just 70 miles away from Moscow?

50 Battle of Borodino

51 The defeat at Waterloo ended Napoleon’s last bid for power, called what?

52 Hundred Days

53 Final Jeopardy

54 After suffering a defeat to Prussia and Russia Napoleon is exiled to what tiny island?

55 Elba

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