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Persuasive Techniques and Propaganda

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1 Persuasive Techniques and Propaganda
Academic English 10 Mrs. Weis

2 What is Propaganda? Persuasive techniques applied by politicians, journalists, television personalities, and others to accomplish their desired ends. These techniques persuade us not through the give-and-take of argument and debate, but through manipulating symbols and basic human emotions.

3 What do these images have in common?
They are all used to influence you to do something. They are all examples of propaganda!

4 WHAT? A message used to persuade you to believe something or do something Propaganda WHY? To persuade you to buy something, think something, or do something. WHO? Corporations Government Individuals WHERE? Commercials Packaging Speeches Stores Billboards Internet Newspapers Everywhere! HOW? There are 7 propaganda techniques we will learn

5 The 1st type of Propaganda is…
Bandwagon Persuading people to do something by letting them know others are doing it. All the cool kids are doing it Everybody has one!

6 Bandwagon video clips

7 Bandwagon works because it makes you think “everyone is doing it” and you should too.
Why is this sign considered BANDWAGON?

8 The 2nd type of Propaganda is…
Testimonial Using words and images of a famous person or an expert to persuade.

9 Examples of Testimonials

10 What are some other examples of TESTIMONIAL propaganda?
From today: From the 1950s: See Coldplay’s iTunes ad here.

11 The 3rd type of Propaganda is…
Transfer Using images to bring up strong feelings or emotions in order to persuade.

12 Examples of Transfer

13 The 4th type of Propaganda is…
Name-Calling Links a person, idea, or product to a negative symbol.

14 What are some other examples of NAME-CALLING propaganda?
—notice the name-calling is inferred, we are assuming that PC is a bad product, making MAC better. This ad is putting down the “fake beauty” we see in advertising by showing us how we are deceived by what we see in ads.

15 The 5th type of propaganda is
Glittering Generalities Offers words of praise for a product or person; uses nice, sometime loaded words, drawing on goodness and patriotism.

16 Examples of Glittering Generalities…

17 The 6th type of propaganda is…
Card-Stacking Manipulating information to make a product appear better than it is often by unfair comparison or omitting facts.

18 Examples of Card Stacking

19 The 7th type of propaganda is…
Plain Folks Appealing to a regular person’s values.

20 Examples of Plain Folks…

21 Other examples of propaganda techniques…
Slogan Bias Appeal to emotion Either/or Pro Con Scare tactics Call to Action Connotation Claim

22 Forms of Propaganda Advertisements Editorials Speeches Reviews Blogs
Persuasive Essays

23 Why use Propaganda? Advertisements try to convince us to buy or do something. Speeches try to convince us to take action. Reviews evaluate items like books or movies and state an opinion as to whether the product is worth the reader’s time and money. Persuasive essays use logic, reason, and emotion to convince readers to join the writer in a certain point of view.

24 Supporting Arguments Three types of appeals:
Logical Appeal (Logos) – Does the author’s proposal make sense? Ethical Appeal (Ethos) – Is the author’s proposal the right thing to do? Emotional Appeal (Pathos) – Will accepting the author’s proposal make me feel better?

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