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The outsiders S.E.Hinton 2008 realistic fiction BENJAMIN.M 4 TH.

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1 The outsiders S.E.Hinton 2008 realistic fiction BENJAMIN.M 4 TH

2 Setting  The characters live in a small town that has the stench of smoke and the aroma of beer, that it is so bad 1 step in that town & you will be very very sick.  If this book had a different setting then there small town would be a big town, and the air wouldn’t be filled with the stench of smoke or the aroma of beer!! Instead it would smell great and it would make you faint because of the wonderful wonderful smell.

3 Characters CharacterPhysical Characteristics Adjectives of Personality Text Evidence /Explanation of Adjectives PonyboyMedium, long hair, sort of muscular. Well educated, self guided, stubborn. All A’s in school, try's to do things on his own, keeps on going. SodapopTall, long hair, muscular, good looking. Sweet, kind, caring Try’s to make darry calm down, try’s to help pony boy, helps darry keep them safe. DarryTall, long hair, very muscular, good looking. Caring, rage, & tough Was worried about ponyboy, got mad at ponyboy, beat up allot of socs. DallyTall, ugly, nasty, fat.Rage, anger, & caring Hates everything, gets mad, cares for jhonny. JhonnyMedium, longhair, thin. Sweet, strong, cool. Gets ponyboy things, gets beat, they all like him. CherryTall, long hair, thin.Sweet, caring, nice Tells ponyboy her feelings, cares for pony boy, talked to ponyboy about their problems

4 Conflict  A group of people called socs are having a fight with another group of people called greasers they are called this because of there long hair, and because they grease their hair allot.

5 Summary of Plot  Ponyboy is walking home from the movies.  Gets jumped by socs.  “family’’ comes to the rescue.  Darry gets mad at ponyboy & soda pop.  Ponyboy gets slapped across the face.  He runs away with his friend jhonny.  Get brought back in an ambulance.  Jhonny dies.  the fight begins.  The fight ends.  Dally dies.  Ponyboy writes his past life.

6 Theme  The theme of this book is being with a family  friendship, Pg.#6.  Love, Pg.#9.  Information, Pg.#7.

7 Point of View  Ponyboy is up for a challenge against the society because of something his friend Jhonny did

8 Symbolism  This book shows a symbol of having someone to look after you to be there when you need them the most.

9 Recommendation  I would recommend it because it’s a good book if your into sappy things sad dramatic things and stuff like that

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