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Conquest of Africa.

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1 Conquest of Africa

2 Early Trade Africa and Europe
Atlantic Slave trade was from the 1500’s to the 1800’s. Prior to this date Europeans and Africans traded as equals. Europeans traded for gold in Mali and Ghana, and for salt in the Sahara.

3 European Exploration of Africa
The Portuguese began exploring West Africa in the 1400’s. In 1497, they explored the eastern shore by rounding the tip of southern Africa. They seized the riches of the city-states there.

4 Continued... Dutch, French, and English began setting up posts along the coasts as well.

5 Slavery in Africa Slavery was not uncommon in Africa before the 1500’s. Slaves usually obtained freedom through hard work. Slaves’ freedom could be bought by their own people. Some became important people in society.

6 Atlantic Slave Trade Europeans colonized the Americas.
They needed people to work the land. Native Americans were used first, but often died from disease. They began importing Africans in large numbers.

7 Continued... Slaves were treated like property.
They had no way to gain freedom. Slave trade lasted until the 1800’s. Millions of Africans were taken from their homes and shipped into slavery. (about 78,000 per year) Conditions of these ships were repulsive.

8 Slavery’s Effect on Africa
West Africa lost its youngest, healthiest, and most capable people. Families and societies were ruined.

9 European Colonization of Africa
Beginning in the 1800’s, Europeans started raiding Africa for its resources. Africans tried to resist but could not. European nations set rules with one another on claiming land in Africa. Finally, Europeans made new political boundaries. (caused much conflict).


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