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Ch 20.1 Spanish Conquests in the Americas

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1 Ch 20.1 Spanish Conquests in the Americas
The Atlantic World Ch 20.1 Spanish Conquests in the Americas

2 Columbus Opens the Atlantic 1492 - 1503
Began the European conquest of the Americas beginning of globalization By end of his 4 journeys, Spain had colonized much of the Caribbean

3 Other Explorers take to the Seas
1500: Pedro Cabral claims Brazil for Portugal 1501: Amerigo Vespucci discovers that the land is a “New World” Closeup of the Waldseemuller Map (1507) a German map that first called the New World “America”

4 Ferdinand Magellan’s Mission Circumnavigates the World 1519 - 1521

5 The Conquistadors Spanish explorers who claimed much of the Americas for Spain Destroyed the native civilizations of Central & South America


7 Hernán Cortés Conquers the Mighty Aztec Empire (1521)
Used guns, horses, & local enemies to conquer a larger force. King Moctezuma II was killed & Tenochtitlan destroyed




11 Coronado in the Desert

12 Francisco Pizarro Conquers the Inca of Peru (1532)
Captured their king Atahualpa & then the capital of Cuzco.


14 Taino Indians of Puerto Rico greet Conquistador Ponce de Leon

15 European Diseases Eradicate the Native Populations
Without natural immunities, Native Americans died from Smallpox, Measles, & Typhus by the millions. Native population may have declined by 90% between 1500 & 1800.


17 Spanish kill millions through War & Slavery
Encomienda: System of forced labor Conditions led to many deaths Revolts were common, but unsuccessful

18 European propaganda showing Indians pouring molten gold down the throat of a captured Spaniard. In the Background they are cannibalizing others.

19 Bartolomé de las Casas Jesuit priest who wrote of the destruction of the West Indies




23 The Virgin of the Navigators ( ) painted by Spanish artist Alejo Fernández, created as the central panel of an altarpiece for the chapel of the Casa de Contratación in Seville. It is the earliest known painting whose subject is the discovery of the Americas. n The Virgin of the Navigators Mary is depicted spreading her mantle over the Spanish. She straddles the seas, uniting the continents, or hovers over the harbor to protect ships, cargo and crew as they embark on the perilous Atlantic crossing.[8] Ferdinand II of Aragon and the emperor Charles V (cloaked in red), along with Isabella I of Castile,[9] are portrayed together with Christopher Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci and one of the Pinzón Brothers, shown kneeling.[10] All soar on clouds above the water beneath the Virgin's feet. Around the Virgin gather figures of indigenous peoples of the Americas, converted from their original faiths by the navigators who have set sail in her name: the painting "may be the fullest statement of the approved Spanish ideology, which might be called "the White Legend of Spain's Imperial Election".[11] Green and white striped Andalusian flags were frequently seen on ships, shown in the painting, as Andalusians played an important role in the enterprise.


25 Effect of Spanish Conquest
Native population declined Large Mestizo population mixed Spanish & Native American Spain became too wealthy Other Europeans became interested in American colonization

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