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Three Stages of the French Revolution

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1 Three Stages of the French Revolution

2 Stage One 1789 –1791 (National Assembly)
Moderate changes to French govt/society. King will share power with Nat. Assembly. Limits on power of Church Nobles lose special privileges. Other kings in Europe offer to help Louis XVI regain full power. Nat. Assembly prepares for war. 1791 – Radicals outnumber moderates in govt.

3 Stage Two 1792-1794 (National Convention)
Radicals (Jacobins) run the govt. Monarchy abolished/Republic created. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette executed for treason. Committee for Public Safety created to eliminate enemies of the new govt. (Maximilien Robespierre). Reign of Terror (July 1793 – July 1794) 40,000 citizens die/Many are executed by the committee. July 27, 1794 – Robespierre arrested and executed.


5 Stage Three 1795-1801 (The Directory)
Moderates regain control. 5-man Directory created to share power with National Assembly Led by the bourgeoisie Corruption, war, economic problems, and returning nobles seeking power lead to too many problems for govt.

6 Did the revolution succeed in making POSITIVE changes for France?

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