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2 DROMLAN Project Dronning Maud Land Air Network
non-profit, international cooperative project formed by a group of national Antarctic operators air transportation to/from and within Dronning Maud Land (DML) to any COMNAP member country in science related activities organise air transport between Cape Town and DML maintain and improve the airfield at Novolazarevskaya station (NOVO) and at Troll station organise feeder flights inside DROMLAN area and maintain runways for smaller ski-equipped aircraft at the research stations organise any other service necessary for the flights above


4 Novo Runway Primary entry point to Antarctica for DROMLAN activities
Fully operational since 2001 Runway 3000 x 60 m, certified for landing of wheeled heavy aircraft

5 Airfield Troll Fully operational since 2004/2005 season
DROMLAN Airfield Troll Fully operational since 2004/2005 season Landing strip 3000 m facilitates accessibility for larger wheeled aircrafts

6 ALCI Antarctic Air Support
DROMLAN As logistics operator to DROMLAN, ALCI provides the following air transportation services: A dedicated intercontinental air-bridge between Cape Town and central Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica Internal air links to other Antarctic research stations from the ALCI AIRBASE at the Novo runway Remote aerial insertion capability for Scientific Field Teams

7 AIRCRAFT Intercontinental: Internal: Ilyushin 76TD 20 tons / 80 pax
DROMLAN AIRCRAFT Intercontinental: Ilyushin 76TD 20 tons / 80 pax Lockheed C tons / 45 pax Internal: Basler Turbo kg or 18 pax De Havilland DH6 Twin Otter 1600kg / 19 pax


9 Aircraft Information (IL – 76)
DROMLAN Aircraft Information (IL – 76) An Ilyushin 76TD Russian-designed heavy cargo transporter services the 4200 km intercontinental flight between Cape Town and the ice-runway at ALCI AIRBASE near Novolazarevskaya Station Maximum Payload: 20 tons or 80 pax Range with 20 ton Payload: km Cruising speed: km/h Cruising Altitude: m

10 Aircraft Information (IL – 76)
IN-FLIGHT Aircraft Information (IL – 76) Toilets are located towards the back of the aircraft These may not be used during take-off and landing Emergency exits are located at the front (2) and rear (2 ) of the aircraft


12 Aircraft Information Feeder Flights Maximum Range: 2000 km
DROMLAN Feeder Flights For internal flights between DML research stations and for remote field insertion missions, ALCI utilizes BASLER Turbo 67 and De Havilland Twin Otter aircraft equipped for ice operations. Maximum Range: km Maximum Cruising Speed: 300 km/h Interior dimensions: 13 x 1.98 x 2.13 m Interior volume: 34,7 cub. m Cargo door dimensions: x m

13 Aircraft Information (BT-67)
IN-FLIGHT Aircraft Information (BT-67) All passengers of feeder flights must have a polar-rated sleeping bag and a mattress for use in the case of an emergency landing Just example, differs beween planes

14 ALCI Polar Logistics Specialists
Fully operational shipping link between Cape Town and Antarctica since 2001 The premier ice-class research vessel Akademik Fedorov provides specialized transport services for research personnel, cargo and supplies


16 Documentation Please ensure ALCI Flyer returned complete, detailing
PRE-DEPARTURE Documentation Please ensure ALCI Flyer returned complete, detailing Full Name Passport number & expiry date, Special dietary requirements or medical conditions if applicable Keep your passport available for emigration clearance A boarding pass with an allocated seat number will be given to you at the airport

17 Baggage Categories & Routing
PRE-DEPARTURE Baggage Categories & Routing ALL bags and boxes (hand, cargo and safety luggage) must be clearly marked We provide ALCI nametags for this purpose NO unmarked baggage will be accepted !

18 Hand Baggage Your hand luggage should not exceed: Weight: 8 kg
PRE-DEPARTURE Hand Baggage Your hand luggage should not exceed: Weight: 8 kg Size: 30 x 30 x 60 All hand baggage will be stored under your seat Include those items you require during the flight to Antarctica and during the transit period at the ALCI Airbase You have to pass with your hand luggage the security check at the airport (no knives, liquids etc.)

19 PRE-DEPARTURE Cargo Baggage All luggage that is not hand luggage, including hold-alls, backpacks, crated equipment etc Cargo luggage will be stored in the cargo section of the plane No access to cargo luggage until arrival at your final destination (unless by prior arrangement or in case of a longer stay at the ALCI Airbase)! Fragile items should preferably not be included in cargo luggage, as these may be damaged during handling

20 PRE-DEPARTURE Clothing Management Ensure that your clothing is adequate for the conditions to be experienced and that it complies with the clothing lists provided by your Team Leader Have all your cold weather clothing and boots with you when you arrive at the airport. We suggest that you wear already the base layer of your polar clothing when you arrive at the airport. The aircraft cabin is heated 1 hour prior to the arrival in Antarctica, you will be required to put on all your cold-weather clothing


22 IN-FLIGHT Flight Information Duration of the flight will be approximately 6 hours Time difference between Cape Town and ALCI Airbase is minus 2 hours. ALCI Airbase uses UTC Preferred ETD (Cape Town) is 23h30 (SA Time) Preferred ETA (Antarctica) is 5h30 (3h30 UTC) Flight speed is approximately 750km/hr Flight cruising altitude will be at approximately m

23 IN-FLIGHT Onboard Service Food and non-alcoholic beverages will be available during the flight These will be served buffet style at the front of the aircraft Food and beverages available will include: Sandwiches Fruits Biscuits Chocolates Bottled water Soft-drinks Tea and coffee Waste bins are situated in the front of the aircraft

24 Prior to Disembarkation
IN-FLIGHT Prior to Disembarkation You will be required to put on all your supplementary cold weather cloth, boots and gloves Put on your sunglasses before leaving the aircraft: the glare will be severe and may result in temporary snow blindness Apply skin protection (sunscreen and lip-balm) before you leave the aircraft Remember to take ALL your hand baggage with you



27 ALCI AIRBASE Disembarkation Be careful as you step out of the aircraft – the ice is slippery! Individuals appointed by the team-leaders, should assist with off-loading the cargo On disembarkation you will be guided to the yellow catering tent for refreshments

28 Camp and Safety Information
ALCI AIRBASE Camp and Safety Information Please be careful at all times not to slip on the ice! Listen to instructions relayed by your Team Leader Do not leave the camp area without permission – it can be dangerous! General use of snowmobiles at the airbase prohibited without permission of the camp manager. Never walk or drive snowmobiles on the runway. Please do not litter and use the toilet facilities provided Keep the camp clean and tidy. Please offer advice, if you think something can be improved.


30 ANTARCTIC ETIQUETTE Be Safe : Respect the Environment:
Be prepared for severe and changeable weather. Ensure that your equipment and clothing meet Antarctic standards. Remember that the Antarctic environment is inhospitable, unpredictable and potentially dangerous. Respect the Environment: Please keep Antarctica pristine. Do not dispose of litter or garbage. Do not take away biological or geological specimens. Avoid walking on undisturbed ground. Establish tracks. Respect Antarctic Special Protected Areas. Entry into certain areas may be prohibited and activities inside may be restricted.

31 ANTARCTIC ETIQUETTE Protect Antarctic Wildlife :
Do not approach seals or birds in a way that cause them to alter their behaviour. Keep noise at a minimum. Do not feed birds and seals! Do not bring non-native plants or animals to Antarctica. Avoid walking on moss or lichens! Protect Antarctic Wildlife : Taking or harmful interference with Antarctic wildlife is prohibited. Do not damage plants. •         Respect Protected Areas : A variety of area in the Antarctic have special protection because of ecological, scientific, historic or other values. Entry into certain areas may be prohibited except in accordance with a permit. Activities in and near designated Historic Sites and Monuments, and certain other areas, may be subject to special restrictions. Respect Scientific Research : Do not interfere with scientific facilities or equipment. Do not deface or vandalise buildings or equipment. Respect the rules of the stations.

32 ALCI TEAM - Contact Details
Mr Alexey Turchin: General management Dr Vasily Kaliazin: Aviation, shipping, logistics Capt. Mirella Krüger: Administration ALCI office, Cape Town Tel : Fax : 97 Keerom Street, Cape Town, 8001, SOUTH AFRICA

33 Before you leave: Thank you! . Please sign the 2 copies of the
briefing manifest and check if your name and passport number are correct. This information is needed for immigration formalities. Thank you!


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