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Simple Machines What do you know about simple machines?

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1 Simple Machines What do you know about simple machines?

2 Take the Quiz Directions: Number a piece of paper 1-20. Get ready for each slide/question. Make your best guess.

3 ????????????????????? 1.Janice needs to split a log. She has a sledge hammer. What other tool should she use to split the log? a. a lever b. a pulley c. a wedge d. a fulcrum

4 ??????????????????????? 2. A seesaw on a playground is an example of what type of simple machine? a. lever b. screw c. wedge d. wheel and axle

5 ??????????????????????? 3. Scissors are an example of a complex machine. Which of the following simple machines are combined to make the scissors? a. lever and gear b. gear and pulley c. lever and wedge d. wedge and pulley

6 ??????????????????????? 4. It is easiest to push a box up which ramp? a. b. c. d.

7 ??????????????????????? 5. What simple machine is helping Tom move the toys? a. screw b. wheel c. wedge d. lever

8 ?????????????????????? 6. Which force does a friend use to make you go higher on a playground swing? a. pull b. push c. pulley d. lever

9 ????????????????????? 7. The simple machine, shown by the arrow, that enables you to stop your bike is a. pulley b. an inclined plane c. a wheel d. a lever

10 ????????????????????? 8. When a ball is thrown into the air, it falls back to the ground. What causes this to happen? a. the round shape of the ball b. the way the ball is thrown c. the force of the air against the ball d. the force of gravity on the ball

11 ??????????????????????? 9. Which of the following is a simple machine? a. water b. pulley c. chair d. candle

12 ????????????????????? 10. Billy was pulling his wagon on the sidewalk. What should he do to keep the wagon moving? a. walk behind the wagon b. Apply a force to the wagon c. Put a weight in the wagon d. Walk on the side of the wagon

13 ???????????????????? 11. Which simple machine is used on a flagpole to help when the flag is raised? a. lever b. pulley c. inclined plane d. wedge

14 ????????????????????? 12. A push or pull on an object will make it a. move b. larger c. hot d. smaller

15 ?????????????????????? 13. Jill shoots a basketball but it falls short of the hoop. Which should Jill do to make a score from the same place? a. use less force on the ball b. use more pull on the ball c. use more force on the ball d. use less energy on the ball

16 ??????????????????? 14. The hand truck (dolly) shown in the picture is used in stores to move boxes. Which simple machines are part of a hand truck? a. pulley and lever b. lever and wheel and axle c. inclined plane and wheel d. pulley and inclined plane

17 ????????????????????? 15. A pulley would be used to a. cut paper b. lift an object c. split a log d. hold objects together

18 ????????????????????? 16. Which simple machine would be BEST for lifting piano to the second floor? a. gear b. screw c. wedge d. pulley

19 ??????????????????????? 17. Which simple machine BEST describes a shovel? a. screw b. lever c. pulley d. wheel

20 ????????????????????? 18. What is the name of the simple machine being used in the picture? a. glide b. pulley c. swing d. wheel

21 ???????????????????? 19. Which example of a simple machine is a lever? a. screw b. pulley c. ramp d. pliers

22 ????????????????????? 20. What is a simple machine? a. a machine with few parts b. a machine that cannot operate c. a machine that is very complicated d. a machine that can operate without energy put in

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