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Innovation in Capgemini UK

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1 Innovation in Capgemini UK

2 Sources for Innovation
Analogy Insight, accident Forecasts Conflicting demands INNOVATION Market studies Problems, Troubleshooting New scientific discoveries and findings Solution Diversification 2

3 Innovation in a Service Industry
Supplier Perspective Client Perspective Existing Idea/ Solution New Idea/ Solution Internal External

4 For Capgemini UK, Innovation comes from
Global Capgemini Geographies, Disciplines New Partners, Academia Service Lines UK & India INNOVATION Alliance Partners Client Engagements Individuals Sectors

5 The Innovation Management Committee
Pilot Service Offer IMC INNOVATION Sales & Clients Pilot Capability Service Lines Park or Discard Representation from across the business Meets regularly, considers Innovation Ideas Agrees to proceed to pilot, park or discard Meetings minuted, decisions communicated

6 Innovation Management Process
5. Park/ Discard Clients Partners Sectors Service Lines Communicate 4. Invest 3. Review & Decide 1. Initiate 2. Shape 6. Action 8. Close Innovation Portal 7. Support People Communicate Insert "Author, Date" © 2008 Capgemini. All rights reserved

7 Innovation Portal James Surowiecki’s "The Wisdom of Crowds” –
"large groups of people are smarter than an elite few, no matter how brilliant - better at solving problems, fostering innovation … predicting the future.“ The innovation portal allows our people to : enter ideas in a “safe” manner vote (and comment) on their colleagues ideas See response from the organisation

8 A few examples of applied innovation
Rapid Design Visualisation The University in Sales and Delivery Use of the Cloud – external and internal Internal Audit

9 Rapid Design Visualisation
Rapid Iterations Allowing Earlier In Process Solution Design Increasing Opportunities For Feedback & Improvement Balancing Standards With Customisation Collaborative Design Approach To Deliver Business Solutions Within Defined Constraints Design Visualization Using Simulations To Explore Complex Ideas With business & Technology Users Setting & Managing Expectations

10 Moving from L&D to S&D Over 10,000 Capgemini people each year use the University - a world leading capability in facilitation, presentation, education Now available for client use : Customer staff attend Capgemini training Custom-built training programmes Showcase the customer – and business issues Coming to Capgemini University was a very good experience. I found a lot of energy and interest from all the people I met. What stood out in particular was the openness and the curiosity I encountered. That was excellent … isolates them in a good way and it’s a slightly different environment to the usual offsite environment …. It’s very innovative, compared to the usual “death by PowerPoint” training that they get elsewhere.

11 Internal Audit The Business Issue:
Data security – leaks and selling data – resulting in lost revenues and loss of Intellectual Property Breaches of confidentiality / leaks resulting in damage to the organisation’s reputation Affects most if not all organisations in the public and private sector An Integrated Audit Solution Uses a sophisticated suite of integrated data mining techniques Provides initial alerts for further investigations Tracks behavioural patterns Enables both internal and external security to be considered 11

12 Capgemini and the Cloud
Alliances and partnerships with Google, Amazon and others Designed and Implemented Google based desk-top platforms at clients in Europe and US Also starting to use Amazon Elastic Computing for internal development work And who need a “pay as you go model” We use AWS to radically reduce cost of solutions where: Clients with highly variable demand Who don’t have issues with security And who need a “pay as you go model”

13 Summary - Critical success factors?
Have a process – stick to it. Build a “shaping” stage – many good ideas need “forming” Recognise contributions – provide feedback – evidence of action Remember – it is all about exploitation And Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

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