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1 Simsbury Public Schools Budget 2011-12. 2 Vision for the Simsbury Public School System The Simsbury Public Schools community cultivates the mind, body,

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1 1 Simsbury Public Schools Budget 2011-12

2 2 Vision for the Simsbury Public School System The Simsbury Public Schools community cultivates the mind, body, and character of each student. We provide our students with a rich and rigorous academic foundation designed to stimulate the skills necessary to thrive in an ever changing and global society. Supported by an exceptional faculty, committed families, and a generous community, we create a safe and supportive environment that fosters deep and enduring personal relationships. We value a culture of civility where students and adults are treated with fairness, are respected for their contributions, and are celebrated for their successes We prepare our students to embrace their lives with integrity, compassion, and resilience, enabling them to act knowledgably, lead thoughtfully, share generously, and contribute meaningfully.

3 3 Core Beliefs for the Simsbury Public Schools We believe that the school community must strive for continuous improvement in order to become a center of educational excellence. We believe in preparing students for a global, interconnected society, which will require facility with relationships, higher order thinking, technology, and languages. We believe in the importance of reasonable class size, which promotes a safe environment and ensures personal connections between students and staff.

4 4 2011-12 Budget Request $62,797,320 1.54% increase $954,991 in new dollars

5 5 2011-12 Budget Focus  Fiscally Responsible Budget  Return on Investment is High

6 6 $62,797,320 1.54% increase 51 out of 75 major accounts at 0% increase Teacher and administrator GWI at 0% increase Use of Federal Education Jobs Fund dollars ($313,843) Major improvements in early reading intervention and 8 period day at Simsbury High School Proposed Budget Summary

7 7 Other Major Factors Medical insurance increase (estimated at 9% or $643,816) Pension and OPEB increase ($42,711) Three pending contractual agreements Excess Cost Grant (potential loss of $150,000-$200,000) Strategic reallocation of personnel (savings of $166,000)

8 8 Budget Context

9 9 Budget Increase History 2011-121.54% (proposed) 2010-11 1.60% 2009-10 1.25% 2008-09 3.50% 2007-08 5.07%

10 10 2011-12 BOE Budget Comparison # of Districts Reporting Average BOE Budget Increase Budget Increase Range # of Towns with increase of less than 1.54% # of Towns with increase of more than 1.54% 1122.31% - 0.47% to 6.53% 3972 Sources: Connecticut Association of Public School Administrators (CAPSS) Connecticut Association of School Business Officials (CASBO)


12 12 Per Pupil Expenditures 2009-10 Comparative Data Simsbury Ranked 104 out of 169 Connecticut towns Ranked 13th out of 27 Hartford area towns Ranked 9th out of 21 DRG B towns $ 12,660 Demographic Reference Group B Average $ 12,643 State Average$ 13,702

13 13 Ongoing Efforts to Control Costs Cooperative Efforts - with the town and regionally with other Boards of Education detailed listing in budget section of our website. District Management Council Opportunities Review (DMC) Improving academic performance of special needs students while ensuring the cost effective uses of financial resources Facilities and Enrollment Study Long range look at facilities, enrollment and teacher/administrator staffing needs Other Cost Savings Cooperative, competitive bid for heating and school vehicle fuels Three year fixed price contract for electrical generation costs in our schools Significant investment in energy management systems and controls

14 14 Simsbury Public Schools Electricity Generation Costs From Cooperative Purchasing

15 15 School Roof Snow Removal Cost as of 2/28/2011 (50 districts reporting)

16 16 Projected Enrollment 2011-12 ActualProjected 10/1/201010/1/2011Difference Elementary23482258 - 90 Middle805796 - 9 High15781610 + 32 Total47314664 - 67

17 17 STAFFING Actual 2010 - 2011 Projected 2011 - 2012Change Certified378.13380.93+ 2.8 Administrative21.2 0 Non-Certified270.85245.75-25.1 Total670.18647.88-22.3

18 18 Return on Investment is High Focus on long term strategic priorities:  Class size  High quality staff  Ready access to technology  21st Century Skills  Program that balances academic needs with social / emotional needs, artistic expression, and wellness

19 19 Return on Investment is High The Center for American Progress - evaluated the return on investment (ROI) of almost every major school district in the country in January 2011. Simsbury rated in the most favorable category of high-achieving / low-spending school districts.

20 20 Elementary Class Size Analysis  2004-05 BOE established new class size guidelines  3.0 FTE allocated in 2005-06 in support of new guidelines  Since 2005-06, we have maintained reasonable class sizes despite difficult budgetary times Classes Exceeding BOE Guidelines

21 21 Beginning to Rebuild the Base for Technology Funding in the Operating Budget

22 22 Beginning to Rebuild the Base for Textbook Funding

23 23 Return on Investment is High Rising achievement results Continuous program improvement

24 24

25 25

26 26 Balanced Program: Simsbury High School 8-Period Day Allows successful students to make more than one elective choice Creates room for students in need of academic support during the school day Provides potential study hall time for students taking a “typical” SHS schedule Creates greater scheduling flexibility Establishes an equal playing field with most comparable high schools Aligns SHS with the Secondary School Reform Plan

27 27 Balanced Program: Simsbury Reading Intervention Program Implementation fall 2011 High-quality reading instruction for struggling students, K-3 Teachers specifically trained in reading remediation 6.5 certified teachers needed Funded through certified and non-certified staff reductions Net savings - approximately $166,000

28 28 Non-Public School Budget 2011-12 $ 524,208.88% increase $ 4,584 in new dollars

29 29 Budget Referendum Vote Day:Tuesday, May 17, 2011 Time:6:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Location:Henry James Memorial School 155 Firetown Road Simsbury, Connecticut

30 30 AGENDA Moderator –Paul Henault, Chairman, Board of Finance Board of Finance – Overview Board of Selectmen Operating Budget –Mary A. Glassman, First Selectman Board of Education Operating Budget –Jack Sennott, Chairman, Board of Education Public Audience

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