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Two for the Price of One Technology + Common Core Donna Williamson.

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1 Two for the Price of One Technology + Common Core Donna Williamson

2 Donna Williamson---Technology Director Mountain Brook Schools Mountain Brook, AL 31combined years in Instructional Technology as a technology teacher and as a technology director Presenter: –ISTE –CoSN –AASBO –AETA Incoming CoSN Board Member CoSN State Chapter Leader STI Board Member 2013 State Technology Plan Committee On-Line Assessment Pilot @dwmtnbrook


4 Set the Stage The school system supports a city with approximately 20,600 residents. The Mountain Brook School System consists of six schools. We have a total of around 4500 students and 550 staff. 98% of our students go to college. Our previous standards were rigorous. Our district, board, administrators, and staff value Professional Development and Technology.


6 Define Goals Clear and Specific Goals State: Increase number of students prepared to succeed in college or to successfully begin a career. Mountain Brook: –Continue to provide an effective, challenging, and engaging education for every one of our students. –Capitalize on the Literacy (read, reason, evaluate) as defined in Common Core that is integrated across all curricular areas to promote higher levels of thinking. –Break down arbitrary walls between subjects and start blending!

7 Leverage Technologies We believe students are our customers and understand that digital learners are different. We are not a factory and do not want our schools to reflect one! We believe that by using technology to help students meet the Common Core Standards, we can also providing them with the Digital Literacy skills they need!

8 Prepare the BOE Online Assessments Explanation of Standards The college-readiness standards serve as a direct link between what students have learned and what they are ready to learn next. The suggested learning experiences, in turn, provide links between the standards in one score range and those in the next higher score range.

9 Mobility and the “Need for Speed”

10 –BYOD and Policy Change Encouraging students to use companion devices to research, create, and collaborate. Work with the BOE

11 –Upgraded Infrastructure External (Internet Access) Internal –Hardwired –Wireless Leverage Technologies (with the Support of the BOE)

12 Prepare the Staff Provided Professional Development Concerning Board Policy to allow BYOD including Cell Phones Implemented Infrastructure Update Plan –Guest Network –Mobile Network with MDM –Hardwired Network Provided Professional Development Opportunities –Common Core Standards/College and Career Readiness –Blended Learning –Mobile Devices in the Classroom –Flipped Instruction –Instructional Software Convened Curriculum Committees

13 Communicate with the Community Email Twitter Local Access Channel Parent Meetings (Face to Face and Virtual) Electronic Newsletters

14 –Student Management System with online capabilities and ecommerce Leverage Technologies

15 Address Challenges Presented by Common Core (College and Career Ready) Standards Assessments Online: Equipment, Infrastructure, Scheduling Type: Smarter Balance or PARC or ACT Suite Implementation Plunge: Implement with normal curriculum adoption schedule of core four. Issue-- The Gap Slow and Steady: Begin with early grades with all core subject areas and add new grades each year. Issue-- Greater Implementation Time

16 Alabama including Mountain Brook Schools elected to follow the normal curriculum adoption schedule: 2012-2013: Math grades K-12 2013-2014: Language Arts grades K-12 Mountain Brook, through PD, developed a three year plan where teachers will be teaching extra standards to eliminate “the gap” in each curricular area.

17 Leverage Online Technologies to provide lesson plans and other resources, take assessments, benchmark, do curriculum mapping, and work smarter. ALEX: online resources that are available to the public Alabama Insight: purchased from WI professional development organization; unpacks standards; provides learning targets and vocabulary; spells out what mastery looks like and links resources; controlled by district; allows for addition of ARI data, AMSTI(Alabama Math Science and Technology Initiative) data, textbook pages, etc Global Scholar: formative assessment possibly for K-8/12 but we are using for 3-8; shows which common core standards student hasn’t mastered; has the ability to drill down (on-line) Quality Core Assessments: comes from ACT but based on HS courses and will be used as end of course tests to determine student mastery ACT Suite: Explore, Plan, ACT and Work Keys; tentative Aspire (grades 3-7)


19 –Pilot before Plunging Leverage Technologies Using Companion Devices

20 –Utilization of LMS Leverage Technologies for Blended Learning

21 –Elimination of Seat Time for eDays when needed with a 24/7 access portal Leverage Technologies to Provide Access

22 Leverage Technologies with PD


24 How?

25 Two for the Price of One Technology + Common Core Donna Williamson

26 Resources

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