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Year 7 Information Evening

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1 Year 7 Information Evening
Sandwell Academy Year 7 Information Evening

2 Why Academies? The Academies programme aims to challenge the culture of educational under attainment and to deliver real improvements in standards. Vast increase in Academy schools Different types of Academy school

3 Sandwell Academy To raise standards Effective practice
Share this with the wider community Maximise the potential of every child Academic and vocational work

4 Background Attendance – 96% over seven years
Punctuality – 99% over seven years Superb facilities Orderly environment Good behaviour Working in partnership – Thomas Telford family of schools Sport and Business Specialism Positive and aspirational Relentless pursuit of high academic standards Outstanding Ofsted Report – November 2011

5 DVD Presentation A Glimpse of the Future

6 Exceeding National Average Progress in 2 years not 3!!
Academic Achievement 2013 Key Stage 3 Core Subjects National Average Cohort % Level 5+ % Level 6+ % Level 7+ SA SA SA Maths English Science Exceeding National Average Progress in 2 years not 3!!

7 Academic Achievement 2013 Key Stage 4 Year 11
72% of students achieved 5 A*- C grades including English and Maths 99% of students achieved 5 A*- C grades 29% A*/A grades achieved 642 points per student (National = 437)

8 Average points per student 76% of students now study at University.
Academic Achievement 2013 Sixth Form Average points per student UCAS QCA Sandwell Academy 2012/ Local Authority 2011/2012 NA 578 National Average 2011/2012 NA 754 25% of grades at A* - A 83% of grades at A* - C 73 A* grades achieved ( 52 A* grades in 2012) 76% of students now study at University.

9 Working Week 31-35 hour taught week Open 7.30am Attendance Punctuality
Behaviour Dress Code Breakfast & Lunchtime Arrangements Transport

10 Curriculum Key Stage 3 (Year 7 & 8) Key Stage 4 (Year 9, 10 & 11)
Sixth Form National Curriculum + Online Curriculum Homework Module Report every 4 weeks Class Size Teaching Styles - Blend of Tradition / Future

11 Specialism Business & Sport
Work Related Learning Careers Guidance Business Enterprise Session 3 Inter House / Fixtures Leadership / Coaching

12 Enrichment Music School Drama / Dance School Productions Duke of Edinburgh Charity Work

13 Pastoral Personal Tutor Parental Partnership Charter Agreements
Complaints and Concerns School Nurse Rewards and Incentives Celebration of Achievement

14 Pursuit of a Bully Free School

15 Admissions Information
Read the rules of admission carefully Place the Academy as a preference on the LA Form AND Apply direct to the Academy by completing the Sporting Aptitude Registration Form Deadline – Thursday 31 October 2013

16 Admissions Criteria All ability – all applicants take NFER – non verbal reasoning test NB George Salter Academy use same test The test places applicants into one of five bands of ability There is no pass or fail for this test

17 Admissions Over Subscription Criteria
Each applicant has a distance measurement taken from their residence to their nearest centroid point In each ability band we will take 6 applicants closest to the centroid point in each of the 6 towns

18 Admissions Over Subscription Criteria Centroid Points Diagram
Sandwell Academy Admissions Over Subscription Criteria Centroid Points Diagram

19 Sporting Aptitude Up to 18 places to be allocated on sporting aptitude – a minimum aptitude criteria will apply Decision whether to apply on sporting aptitude should only be made if the applicant has genuine outstanding sporting potential Not additional places Applicants will be asked to undertake a series of challenging nationally recognised physical tests Applicants ranked and places allocated to the highest ranking individuals Illnesses or Injuries can not be taken into account under any circumstance

20 Admissions Criteria Statements with Academy named
Looked after Children No Sibling Policy 180 students will be identified using the over subscription criteria – list shared with LA Sandwell Academy will work with the LA to ensure that applicants are placed in their first choice preference school where this is possible Appeals Procedure – Independent Panel

21 Acceptance Compliance with the Academy’s rules and policies
Work in close partnership with Academy No holidays during term time Excellent attendance and punctuality Attendance at lessons in the extended day Compliance with the Academy dress code Represent the Academy at sport when requested and support extra curricular activities including residential visits Remain in full time education at Academy until 18

22 The next 10 months Application deadline 31 October 2013
If you haven’t heard from the Academy by 11 November – contact Mrs Purcell. Testing weekend November 2013 Sporting Aptitude Testing 30 November & 01 December 2013 Offers made by LA 03 March 2014 Induction Days & 03 July 2014 Summer Academy 23 July – 29 July 2014

23 Admissions Line : Open 10.30 am - 2.30 pm 0121 525 1700
Key Contacts Dr Smith Deputy Head with responsibility for Year 7 Mrs Purcell Admissions Manager Admissions Line : Open am pm

24 Thank You

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