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Smile! How much do you remember?. VERB FORMS Think know be can stand see shake learn wear fall kneel catch get have get freeze say do.

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1 Smile! How much do you remember?

2 VERB FORMS Think know be can stand see shake learn wear fall kneel catch get have get freeze say do

3 VERB FORMS 1) to think thought thought 2) to know knew known 3) can could / 0 4) to be Was/were been 5) to stand stood stood 6) to see saw seen 7) to learn learnt learnt 8) to wear wore worn 9) to fall fell fallen 10) to kneel knelt knelt

4 VOCABULARY Un personnage Le thème principal Un résumé Un sac en paille (de la) boue (des) eaux troubles (des ) eaux boueuses Un chapeau en paille Un portefeuille A character The main topic A summary A straw bag Mud Murky waters Muddy waters A straw hat A wallet

5 Le nez Nose Les dents Teeth Les pieds Feet Les doigts fingers Les mains Hands Les bras Arms Les jambes Legs Les yeux Eyes Les joues Cheeks Les genoux knees

6 Vocabulary / adjectives 1-Coupable Guilty of 2-Responsable Responsible for 3-Intéressé Interested in 4-Conscient Aware of 5-Agréable Pleasant 6-Gentil Kind 7-Malin Clever 8-facile easy

7 Vocabulary /adjectives 1-Sympathique Friendly 2-Serviable Helpful 3-Prévenant Thoughtful 4-Minuscule Tiny 5-Stupide Silly 6-Déçu Disappointed 7-Piégé Trapped 8-Compatissant Sympathetic

8 Verb forms 1-se passer avoir lieu Take place in / be set in 2-aider qq Help so 3-compatir avec qq Sympathize with so 4-porter des vêtements Wear clothes 5-être vêtu de couleurs vives Be dressed in bright colours 6-duper qq / tromper qq Deceive so 7-Berner qq Fool so 8-tendre un piège à qq Set a trap for so

9 Verb forms 1-être daccord Agree with 2-ne pas être daccord Disagree with 3-approuver Approve of something 4-désapprouver Disapprove of something 5-accuser quelquun de qq chose /davoir fait qq chose Accuse so of sthing/ of doing sthing 6-critiquer qq Criticize so for sthing/ for doing sthing

10 Verb forms 1-reprocher qqchose à qq Reproach someone for sthing 2-reprocher à qq davoir fait qqchose Reproach someone for doing something 3-blamer qquun Blame someone for sthing / for doing sthing 4-tomber dans un piège Fall into a trap 5-tendre un piège à qq Set a trap for someone 6-piquer/prendre / se servir Help oneself 7-jouer un tour à qq Play a trick on someone 8-être pris la main dans le sac Be caught red-handed 9-sattendre à ce que qq +V Expect someone to +BV 10-je ne peux pas mempêcher de I cant help +Ving

11 questions 1-Who are the characters? The characters are a young man and two tourists 2-Where is the scene set ? The scene is set on Sunset Island in the Carribean more precisely in the islands only park. 3-Which company/firm do the ladies work for? They work for a Winconsin TV station. 4-Whats the name of the Tv show they are developing? Its called Good Samaritans 5-What are good samaritans like? How do they behave? They are kind, nice, thoughtful, helpful.They help other people.

12 questions 6-What were the 2 tourists doing near the muddy reservoir? And why? They were staring at the muddy reservoir because one of them had dropped her sunglasses into the water accidently. 8-Why couldnt the young man restrain a smile? He smiled, he was happy because he thought that they were easy preys,and stupid, he was sure they were going to fall for his scheme. 9-What did he use to think about tourists? He used to think that it was easy to fool tourists like them. 10-Did the young man manage to help the lady ? Was she pleased, How do you know? Of course he managed to pull the sunglasses out of the water and to hand them back to the lady who was so pleased that she kissed him on the cheek.( that she planted a wet kiss on her cheek) 11-Was she right to be pleased and to find the young man nice and helpful? Explain. Of course not! She had trusted him but he wasnt honest, he was a thief, he had planned to rob them, to make them fall for his scheme, to make them fall into his trap. 12- Was it easy for him to rob them? What did he think about them? It was very easy for him to steal the wallet, to rob them, he thought they were silly /stupid and that their stupidity was in his favor.

13 Last questions ! 13-Why did the ladies call him back ? What did they ask them to do ? They called him back because they wanted him to do something else for them : to look at the tree and smile. 14-Explain the end of the story. The women were very excited, they thought he was the perfect good Samaritan! The camera had recorded the whole scene, and it was good for their TV show : Unfortunately for the young man ! As the whole scene had been recorded,everybody would know that he had stolen the wallet, he had been caught red-handed ! By looking at the two women dressed in bright colours he would never have thought that they were TV reporters! So he certainly wished he had been more careful! If only he had been more careful! How stupid he had been ! They had taught him a good lesson! Conclusion:he who laughs last laughs longest.

14 The End Work hard Study hard Learn Be ready

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