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Answers to some frequently asked questions… Prep Writing Lab Orientation.

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1 Answers to some frequently asked questions… Prep Writing Lab Orientation

2 The State of Florida requires that any individual in prep writing I or II must have a minimum of 12 hours per semester in a “lab-like” setting. “How many hours do I have to earn?”

3 “Where do I go to complete lab hours?” The Prep writing lab is located in BACA 207 in the Academic Success Center. Our hours are: Monday through Thursday- 9:00-7:30 Friday- 9:00-1:00 You may have in-class lab, which is located in BTEC 202. Please do not rely on in-class lab for all of your credit!

4 “How do I sign in?” Signing in is a two-part process: 1.Sign in and out at the front desk AND! 2.Have your folder signed off

5 Signing in Sign in at front desk Have folder signed by a staff member Sign out at front desk

6 If you don’t sign out, your time is voided after 20 minutes. There is no way to reverse this. If you want someone to add up your hours, all you have to do is ask Tealia or Liz. If you do not have your folder signed off on, it is very time consuming to validate your hours. Please remember your folder!

7 “Is it true that I can only earn credit for two hours per week ?” If we do not have the two hour rule, students are tempted to rush through their lab hours at the beginning of the semester or wait until the very end to complete them. Our goal is to help you build a consistent study schedule!

8 “What can I work on while I’m in lab?” If you want credit for your time in the lab, you must be working on prep writing work. Here are some options that you have:

9 Complete quizzes or homework on your book’s website Work on homework assignments or writing assignments Work on lab assignments that your instructor has given you Work with a prep writing tutor to revise your writing or to review your homework Complete worksheets that pertain to the activities you are doing in class

10 “I’m here to complete lab hours for my reading class. Can I do that while I’m working on my prep writing hours?” The lab hour requirements that you have for reading cannot be completed in the prep writing lab. You must go to BTEC 206 for Reading. No Exceptions.

11 “Can the writing lab staff help me with my writing assignments?” Of course! The Writing lab staff is always available to help you with writing assignments. We do ask that if you know when you will be coming in, either drop by or email Tealia at: She will be happy to make an appointment for you. We do take walk-ins when we are able to do so!

12 “Where do I go to make up a quiz?” Your instructor will send all of your make-up tests and quizzes to the testing center located in the student services building. We do not give make-up quizzes in the lab.

13 Things we are not able to do: Revise writing assignments less than 15 minutes before it is due Review questions that you have about tests or quizzes that have not yet been handed back Provide guidance for take home or group quizzes or tests Discuss advising issues

14 Lab Etiquette: Computers are for academic purposes only. Please put your cell phone on silent and take/make call or texts outside. Please be sure that your work is academically appropriate. Please eat your meals elsewhere. Be considerate of your noise level. Be nice!

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