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Donald Cooper Pamela Schindler

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2 Donald Cooper Pamela Schindler
Business Research Methods Donald Cooper Pamela Schindler Irwin/McGraw-Hill


4 The Research Process

5 Selection of Research Method
The Research Process Problem Discovery Problem Discovery And Definition Selection of Exploratory technique Secondary Data Experience Survey Pilot Study Case Study Problem Definition (Research Objectives) Selection of Research Method Research Design Survey Interview/Questionnaire Observation Secondary Data Study Experiment Sampling

6 How do you identify a research problem..
Observation Experience Speculation Replication? Knowledge begets knowledge Edges of knowledge, Nobel prizes Technology and innovations Social changes Serendipity


8 The Management-Research Question Hierarchy
Slide 3 - 1 Management Dilemma Measurement Questions Investigative Questions Research Questions Management Questions Management Decision 1 2 3 4 5 6

9 Working with the Hierarchy
Slide 3 - 2 Management Dilemma The symptom of an actual problem Not difficult to identify a dilemma, however choosing one to focus on may be difficult

10 Defining the problem… Gap between actual and desired states
Symptoms vs real problem Antecedent vs real problem or consequence Example…low productivity is consequence, real issue is motivation, antecedent, non recognition of employees

11 Defi… Existing business problems Need for improvement
Conceptual clarity is needed, basic, answer empirically, for curiosity, basic

12 Problem def… Clear Precise
Succinct statement of the question or issue that is to be investigated with the goal of finding and answer or solution Could pertain to..

13 Examples… State examples of problems..use examples from experiences….

14 Working with the Hierarchy
Slide 3 - 3 Management Question Categories Choice of purposes or objective Generation and evaluation of solutions Troubleshooting or control situation

15 Working with the Hierarchy
Slide 3 - 4 Fine tune the research question Examine concepts and constructs Break research questions into specific second-and-third-level questions Verify hypotheses with quality tests Determine what evidence answers the various questions and hypothesis Set the scope of your study

16 Working with the Hierarchy
Slide 3 - 5 Investigative Questions Questions the researcher must answer to satisfactorily arrive at a conclusion about the research question

17 Working with the Hierarchy
Slide 3 - 6 Measurement Questions The questions we actually ask or extract from respondents Usually goes to the questionaire


19 Other Processes in the Hierarchy
Slide 3 - 7 Exploration Recent developments Predictions by informed figures about the prospects of the technology Identification of those involved in the area Accounts of successful ventures and failures by others in the field

20 Research Process Problems
Slide 3 - 8 The Favored Technique Syndrome Company Database Strip-Mining Unresearchable Questions Ill-Defined Management Problems Politically Motivated Research

21 Designing the Study Slide 3 - 9 Select a research design from the large variety of methods, techniques, procedures, protocols, and sampling plans

22 Resource Allocation & Budgets
Slide Guides to plan a budget Project planning Data gathering Analysis, interpretation, and reporting Types of budgeting Rule-of-thumb Departmental or functional area Task


24 Evaluation Methods Ex Post Facto Evaluation Prior Evaluation
Slide Ex Post Facto Evaluation Prior Evaluation Option Analysis Decision Theory

25 Contents of a Research Proposal
Slide Statement of the research question Brief description of research methodology Pilot Testing Data collection Data preparation Data analysis and interpretation Research reporting

26 Data Collection Characterized by Types abstractness verifiability
Slide Characterized by abstractness verifiability elusiveness closeness to the phenomenon Types Secondary data Primary data

27 Final Steps in Research
Slide Data analysis Reporting the results Executive summary Overview of the research Implementation strategies for the recommendations Technical appendix


29 Assignment… Form groups …not more than Five
Identify a research problem…define it Then start on the proposal as we progress through the semester…


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