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A web-based resource that supports course, career, and college planning Specific to our school Linked with Counselor’s Office, a service that we use in the counseling office.

2 Naviance- What can it do?
Share Plans Complete Surveys Compare Colleges Track Deadlines Produce Scattergrams Show schedule of College Visits Links to selected third party resources (i.e. College Board, Financial Aid, College Athletics, College Searches, etc)

3 Naviance How do you register?
Each student receives a code Use code to create a personal account Codes are random and alphanumeric for security reasons Codes can be used only once On your first visit, enter the code in the New User Box, then follow on-screen instructions On subsequent visits, sign in using the Returning User Box If you forget your password, a new temporary one will be sent to your after 5 failed attempts

4 Naviance “Inbox/Profile”
Check your inbox for mail that counselors or colleges can send you. Look for announcements, college visits, upcoming events. General information page. Address, , phone number and GPA. Any information can be edited at any time.

5 NAVIANCE “MY RESUME” Use the entries to add new accomplishments or click the “edit” button to make changes. If you want to add an accomplishment that is not in the default list, select “other” and use the notes area to provide more detail. By providing information about your accomplishments and talents, you can help your counselor get a better understanding of how to help you effectively describe yourself to colleges. “My Resume” will serve as your guide during senior year to write your activities resume. Keeping record of all of your activities will help us with the awards ceremony and graduation program at the end of your senior year.

6 NAVIANCE “My Game Plan”
“My Game Plan” is a series of questions that is designed to help your counselor work with you to develop a game plan for achieving your goals after graduation. You can update your answers to these questions anytime even after your indicated that you are finished. Your answers are not shared with anyone other than your counselor.

7 NAVIANCE “My Test Scores”
You and your counselor can add and edit scores from ACT/SAT or PLAN/PSAT. You can compare yourself with other past students from CN on admissions to colleges by GPA and test scores. You can use college match to find colleges that you can get into with your GPA and test scores.

8 NAVIANCE “My Colleges”
Use this page to input colleges that you are considering. It will display application deadlines, provide links to college websites, and access graphs that compare your test scores and GPA to CN students who have previously applied. You can look up college admissions, financial aid, and different majors that the specific college offers. You or your counselor can edit your college choices. You can click “compare me” to see your scores compared to the average scores of previously accepted Cardinal Newman High School students.

9 NAVIANCE “My Scholarships”
You can create a list of scholarships from the school’s list of scholarships that pertain specifically to you. You can keep track of deadlines and money awards from your list of scholarships. Your scholarship list will help your counselors keep track of awards you earned for awards ceremony and graduation program.

10 NAVIANCE “Graduation Survey”
Graduation survey gives your counselor information about post graduate plans and college admissions. We can keep track of what college you will attend and what awards and honors you have received. The information given will not be shared with other students. It will be only for counselors. We will use the information to show trends of past graduates.

11 NAVIANCE “College Search”
You can do a comprehensive search of colleges that have characteristics that pertain to what you want. There are over 3,600 schools in their database that you can search. You can look up schools with a specific major, sport, or where the school is located. If you click on any major that a certain school offers, you can see every school that offers that particular major. You can skip to any criteria by clicking on the blue tabs at the top of the search page. Click on anything blue and you will be forwarded to another page. You can save your search, so that you can refer back to previous searches. You can add any school to your “college list”. From your list, you can compare yourself with other CN students that have applied and been accepted to that school.

12 NAVIANCE “College Lookup/College Match”
College lookup allows you to find colleges by name, state or quicklist (those colleges to which CNHS students have applied). You can find general information about a certain college as well as information about admissions, application history and scheduled visits. College Match provides you with a list of schools to which CNHS graduates with a similar academic profile as yours have applied.

13 NAVIANCE “College Compare”
College Compare allows you to compare specific colleges to each other. You can see academic data from past CN graduates compared to yours. A number in red is a CN average that is above or equal to yours. A number in green is a CN average that is below yours. You can also see the % of students from CN that have been accepted to that particular school.

14 NAVIANCE “Scattergrams/Acceptance History”
Scattergrams provide you with a chart comparing your GPA and test scores to those who have applied and have been accepted and rejected. The red circle represents you! With Acceptance History, you can view a list of CN Students that have been accepted to certain colleges. You can see trends of colleges that past students have been accepted to and enrolled at.

15 NAVIANCE “Maps” You can see an aerial view of where a certain college is located. You can choose a college from a specific list. You can zoom in on a specific campus to see it’s location and layout.

16 NAVIANCE “Scholarship list/Scholarship Match”
Scholarship list is a list of all of the local and national scholarships that we have in our counseling office. Each scholarship will have information, prize awards and deadlines. You can create your scholarship list by choosing one from our list. Scholarship Match matches our scholarships to your specific profile. From the information given from the scholarships, you will be matched closely to ones that might pertain to you.

17 NAVIANCE “Visit Schedule”
You can click on Visit Schedule to see when a college representative from the college of your choice will be visiting Cardinal Newman High School. You can use the icon to sign up for the visit. You will receive an 24 hours before the visit as a reminder.

18 NAVIANCE “Resources” You can use other resources and other important links in your college process. Other important resources include: College Searches Financial Aid College Board Test Prep College Athletics Military


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