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Virtual Assistant A Collaborative Relationship Portfolio of Bryan Laureano Elance Freelancer.

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1 Virtual Assistant A Collaborative Relationship Portfolio of Bryan Laureano Elance Freelancer

2 The Virtual Assistant industry is nothing if not diverse. Most of all, perhaps, it is simply a way of running your business smarter - rather than hiring employees or temporary agencies you form relationships with service providers. Chances are, once you take a leap of faith you’ll decide it is the ideal business model for you and wonder why it took so long to find the ideal business tool.

3 A Virtual Assistant (or VA) is a business owner who specializes in providing on going administrative support by working with clients in continuous, collaborative relationship. Like other service providers, Virtual Assistants operate remotely from their own offices and utilize today’s technology to deliver their services and communicate with clients. A Virtual Assistant’s support is administrative in nature. Virtual Assistants sometimes offer additional, separate specialties that fall under creative and technical services. Virtual Assistant come from a variety of business backgrounds. A Virtual Assistant is expected to possess the skill sets, training and business knowledge which are the hallmark of a truly qualified Virtual Assistant. What is Virtual Assistant?

4 Virtual is another way of implying that something is…  Essential  Effective  Practical  Fundamental Assistant is another way of implying that someone is a…  Helper  Aide  Consultant  Collaborator What is the consequential value of a Virtual Assistant?

5 Reign it in by using Virtual Assistance Services Is chaos driving your business?

6  Delegate non-revenue generating tasks  Outsource tasks that would be better served by an administrative professional Do you have time for the task at hand?

7  One stop shop or customized services provided to meet all your needs  Projects done on time and on budget in a professional manner  Projects and tasks organized efficiently and cost savings Are you disorganized or just don’t know where to begin?

8  Pay only for the tasks or amount of work you need  Free time creates more billable hours Billable hours = Increased p rofits Do you prefer to use your time to grow your business?

9  No training programs required to get up to speed on your tasks  No office space or costly equipment needed  No idle time, benefits or payroll taxes Do you prefer not burdened in hiring employees?

10  Hiring a Virtual Assistant is more than outsourcing your overflow.  It is a partnership that creates success for both. My commitment is:  I will keep you organized, efficient and on task.  You will have time to concentrate on your clients and bottom line. Are you looking for a partner in Success? Success = Partnership with You

11 Calendar Management  Appointment confirmation  Scheduling  Event Planner  Reminder Service What do I bring to the table ? Email/Voicemail Management  Retrieval Services  Spam deletion  Organization and prioritize  Responder services

12 Online Data Entry  Data Entry of E-books  Data Entry and Compilation from Website  Online Catalog Data Entry  Order Processing  Data Capture Offline Data Entry  Document Data Entry  Forms Data Entry  Excel Data Entry  Medical Claims Data Entry  Text and Numeric Data Entry What do I bring to the table ?

13 Document Services  Document Formatting  Presentations and Hand-outs  Update manuals and materials Contact Management  Client Database  Customer Communications  Business Organizations What do I bring to the table ?

14 Contact Information: Bryan Laureano  Elance Profile Let’s start simplifying your business now!

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