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Unit 11 Review Post World War II Independence Movements in Africa & Asia.

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1 Unit 11 Review Post World War II Independence Movements in Africa & Asia

2 Gandhi practiced a form of nonviolent protest of injustice called Civil disobedience

3 First European colony in Africa to become independent after WWII Ghana

4 African Independence movements were inspired by this U.S. event. Civil Rights Movement

5 Anti-colonial guerrilla movement in Kenya from 1952 to 1956. Calling themselves the Land & Freedom party, they began as a protest movement. Mau

6 Cause of the violence in India after Independence was achieved. Religion

7 Country created out of part of India for Muslims Pakistan

8 East African Nation where a white minority took land from the Kikuyu & Masai Kenya

9 From 1948-1991, the white minority of South Africa used force to oppress the black majority by forcing them into segregated homelands and denying them equality. This policy was called… Apartheid

10 Gandhi’s right hand man who became the first Prime Minister of India Nehru

11 “Great Soul” The title the people gave to Mohandas K. Gandhi Mahatma

12 Indian protest demonstration of British taxation. Salt March

13 Kind of African colony where resistance to Black majority rule occurred. Settler

14 Last country in Africa to be ruled by a black majority. South Africa

15 Leader of the ANC, first democratically elected leader of South Africa, in prison from 1962 to 1990. Nelson Mandela

16 Leader of India’s independence movement, believed in nonviolent civil disobedience. Mohandas K. Gandhi

17 Leading nationalist and Prime Minister of the Gold Coast until its independence in 1957. Later he became the first Prime Minister then President of Ghana. Kwame Nkrumah

18 Led the Mau Mau revolt & became the first Prime Minister of Kenya, then President from 1964-1978. Jomo Kenyatta

19 . Region in the Sudan where civil war, famine, and genocide has been occurring since 2003. Darfur

20 . Who said: “Live simply, so that others can simply live.”. Gandhi

21 Location of the British massacre of peaceful Indian protesters—men, women, & children. Amritsar

22 Muslim leader in the Indian Independence Movement who became the 1 st Prime Minister of Pakistan. Mohammed Ali Jinnah

23 The only two African nations to remain independent from European colonial rule. Liberia Ethiopia

24 Site of the 1980’s student protest movement in South Africa. Soweto

25 South African political group led the fight against Apartheid. They won the majority of legislative seats in the 1994 election and continue to lead the government of South Africa. ANC

26 Symbol of Indian Independence and the National Congress Party. Spinning wheel

27 Reasons the United States is concerned about the situation in Pakistan: threat of _______________ war between Pakistan and _______________ growing influence of the _______________ and _______________ in Pakistan danger of leaking of nuclear information from Pakistan to _______________groups. nuclear India Taliban Al Qaeda terrorist

28 East Pakistan became an independent nation in 1971 called Bangladesh

29 Belief in nonviolence and reverence for all life ahimsa

30 United States troops are currently engaged in fighting Al Qaeda & the Taliban in Afghanistan

31 organizer of Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa who was beaten to death by the police was Steve Biko

32 Anglican bishop who led the international opposition to Apartheid & Truth & Reconciliation Commission Desmond Tutu

33 Know the location of the following nations on maps of Asia and Africa : Afghanistan Bangladesh Ghana India Iraq Kenya Pakistan South Africa Sudan

34 Kenya What nation is this?

35 Sudan What nation is this?

36 South Africa What nation is this?

37 Ghana What nation is this?

38 India What nation is this?

39 Pakistan What nation is this?

40 Bangladesh What nation is this?

41 Afghanistan What nation is this?

42 Iraq What nation is this?

43 Iraq What nation is this? Saudi Arabia Egypt

44 Iran What nation is this? Saudi Arabia Egypt

45 Afghanistan What nation is this? Saudi Arabia Egypt

46 “Never Doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world. It’s the only thing that ever has” Margaret Mead

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