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The Great ISAIAH Scroll

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1 The Great ISAIAH Scroll
The Dead Sea Scrolls The Great ISAIAH Scroll

2 Caves of Qumran First scrolls found by an Arab shepherd boy, looking for a lost goat

3 Qumran 7.5 mi S of Jericho 1 mi W of Dead Sea
7.5 miles S of Jericho, 1 mi W of Dead Sea

4 Essene Community Monastic Community, worked during the day, studied in the evenings

5 The Essene Focus Religious Jewish Sect
Broke away from Temple-centered workshop Established Messianic-focused community Settled at Qumran at time of Jesus

6 The Essene LIBRARY 400+ scrolls
ALL books of Hebrew Bible (except Esther) Biblical Commentaries A few non-biblical books Rules of the Community required every man to study 1/3 of every evening.

7 Only INTACT Scroll Found
The Book of Isaiah Only INTACT Scroll Found ALL 66 Chapters

8 Isaiah Scroll’s SIGNIFICANCE
OLDEST complete copy of any known biblical book BC ONLY known copy of entire book of Hebrew Bible 95% EXACT replica of what we study today All 66 books

9 MANY Isaiah Scrolls At least 6 copies found
2nd most popular book DT-IS-PS-12 Minor Prophets 6 Isaiah Commentaries found (more than for any other book)

10 MAJOR Source of Jewish Apocalyptic Thinking
Most Quoted Prophet in NT Most Quoted Prophet in Rev Showed MANY Jewish groups relied on ISAIAH for understanding “Isaiah, Prophet for the End of Days”

11 MAJOR Source of HOPE for Jewish People
Raise MORALE of exiles captive in Babylon Promised SALVATION from oppressors through ______ God planning NEW Creation NEW Things

12 MAJOR Source of MESSIANIC Hope
7: Before His Birth 40:3 Prepare His Way 11:2 His Baptism 61:1 Begins His Ministry (by reading Isaiah) His Death Suffering Servant

13 Shrine of the Book Jerusalem

14 The Great Isaiah Scroll

15 Future Hope

16 God does nothing without first revealing it through His servants, the prophets.
-- Amos 3:7

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