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Sangwoo, Britney and Staci

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1 Sangwoo, Britney and Staci
Typhoid Fever Sangwoo, Britney and Staci

2 Symptoms Feel weak, chilly and tired Headache Backache Diarrhea
Constipation Loss of appetite

3 Symptoms 2 Temperature ascend(remains high for 2 weeks)
Skin eruptions appear Tongue becomes dry, gets coated in the center region Fever gradually comes down by the end of 4th week

4 Causes Poor sanitaion Contaminated or infected water
food: contaminated with germs by flies People who have the disease if they prepare or serve the food Unhealthy diet faulty style of livings

5 Causes 2 Common in people who are carnivorous and eat more fleshy foods Eating or drinking contaminated foods Salmonella thyphi bacteria is spread through contaminated foods Travelers to developing countries increase their risk

6 Treatment Vaccine: mostly provided for the people who are traveling to developing countries Antibiotics: fluoroquinolones, chloramphenicol, amoxillin, and trimethoprim- sulfamethosaole Recover within 3~4 weeks

7 Treatment 2 Vivoti Berna Typhim Vi
Salmonella typhi Vi Capsular Polysaccaride Vaccine Typheri

8 Prevention Proper disposal of sewage
Complete purification of drinking water Pasteurization of milk Implementation of anti- fly measure

9 Prevention 2 Typhoid fever vaccine- gives protection Good hygiene
Avoid raw vegetable that cannot be peeled Avoid foods and beverages from street vendors.

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