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Self editing The Bean Trees. Format 1. double spaced? 2. 12 pt font? 3 paragraphs indented? 4. Title? (think of one that works for essay) 5. Name and.

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1 Self editing The Bean Trees

2 Format 1. double spaced? 2. 12 pt font? 3 paragraphs indented? 4. Title? (think of one that works for essay) 5. Name and hour

3 Introduction Does the introduction start out a with general statement that narrows down to supporting ideas and thesis? If not: Is there a broad statement about your topic in which you mention the function of plantsand how they represent theme or growth? Or try discussing Kingsovler’s purpose or intent, or nature of friendship, community and family. Or, if you are really stuck try beginning with a quote or well known proverb on your topic that will lead you into topic.

4 Are title and author mentioned? Do you see any words such as: Great, beautiful, famous, brilliant, or amazing in your intro? If so cut them right now. We all know Kingsolver is a Your purpose is not to review her work but to analyze it.

5 Do you have previews of 3 supporting ideas? If they appear before thesis in separate sentences, make sure you only introducing the idea and not going into detail. (you will do this later as you develop paragraphs.)

6 If previews are part of thesis statement make sure punctuation is correct if one word: ______, _______, and________. Or phrases: ___ ___ ____; ___ ____ ____; and ___ _____ ____.

7 Parallel construction in thesis? He sits, he stands, and he weeps in iambic pentameter. He is the first to arrive; the first to volunteer; and the first to leave.

8 Thesis Does the thesis statement express your opinion on the topic? If it is stating the topic only, then think about what Shakespeare is saying about the topic and see if that helps. Does your thesis state a clear position, something you can prove or show in your essay? If not: revise to explain how or why.

9 Use third person p.o.v. Cut out any I thinks or I.

10 First paragraph 1. Read the topic sentence out loud to yourself. 2. Is it introducing the main idea of the paragraph, or is it summarizing a part of the story? Make sure it clearly states your first supporting idea. 3. Does the topic sentence correspond with the first supporting idea mentioned in the introduction?

11 Are you writing in present tense? Turtle is thrust into Taylor’s car. Taylor moves into Lou Ann’s house.

12 First example Does it relate to supporting idea in topic sentence? (if not cut it-or revise topic sentence) When you present your example is context provided? Make sure context is short and not a summary. For example: While signing the adoption papers, (context) Esperanza experiences a catharsis.

13 Are you relating your example to thesis or topic sentence? If not, make the connection for your reader.

14 Quotes Is context briefly included? Is quote introduced with colon or comma? Examples: Romeo compares Juliet to the most splendid light of all: “Juliet is the sun” (67). Or, After spying on her Romeo says, “Juliet is the sun ” (89). make sure period is after paranthesis.

15 Commentary This is the most important part of essay. Have you first explained the quote in your own words if necessary? Then comment on what the quote reveals. Does it reveal character or theme?

16 read your commentary after the first quote. Have you explained how your example relates back to your topic sentence? If not make a note in the margin.

17 Transition to next supporting detail/example Do you have a transition from first detail to next? If not put one there. Avoid using the phrase : “Another example of this is when…” If you see this phrase underline it and try to rephrase it into active voice:

18 Does the paragraph end with commentary? Do you have more than one sentence in your commentary? If not, deepen it. Does commentary clearly relate back to topic sentence or thesis?

19 Read your paragraph again silently….is there coherence? (Are the sentences related to each other). If you find one that jars you away from previous thought, mark it and insert transitional phrase later (later, after, next). Make sure you are not summarizing the plot. Analysis of topic not summary of story is you goal.

20 Look at 2nd topic sentence 1.Does it introduce the second supporting idea from your introduction? 2.If it starts with summary-stop and figure out a way to present idea as analysis and not summary. 3.Tip: rephrase supporting idea from introduction.

21 Read 2 nd and 3 rd paragraphs for 1. 2-3 examples that support T.S. At least one quote in each para. 3. Commentary clearly explains how examples support your thesis? Unity: everything relates to topic sent. Coherence: ideas flow together well Transitional phrase used between ideas?

22 Look at it again Any “is when” or “Is because” should be circled and sentence revised. Look for capitalization of all names and places.

23 After you have applied the same criteria to the third paragraph as you did the others, Ask yourself this: are the paragraphs arranged in the best order?

24 Chronological? Chronological order OR Order of importance?

25 Don’t need to stick to 5 paragraph essay. If your first example in your first supporting idea is long- then present your next example in a new paragraph. Generally anytime you introduce a new idea you should start a new paragraph.

26 Conclusion Do you have: In conclusion? Cut out the phrase. It is unnecessary

27 Do you see a thesis statement here? Sometimes the thesis is hiding in the conclusion. Move it to the introduction.

28 Final home edit Ask someone at home to read your paper. Have them circle anything that doesn’t make sense or that isn’t clear. Feel proud about your hard work!

29 AT Home:Read essay out loud Mark any sentence that sounds awkward-if it sounds awkward, it probably is. Check for commas after introductory and parenthetical phrases. However should not be at the beginning of a sentence. Correct: Taylor, however, is confident.

30 Course numbers and passwords 4 th hr. ID: 2988060 P.W: coco1 5 th hr. ID: 2989174 P.W.. coco2 6 th hr. ID: 2989156 P.W.: coco3


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