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Outstanding PE Departments: Where next?

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2 Outstanding PE Departments: Where next?

3 What are the main things that make your department outstanding?

4 A definition of outstanding
Ofsted Professionally

5 What would your ideal PE Department look like?
Curriculum Staffing Structure Extra Curricular Community Leadership

6 Outstanding PE What next?

7 Case Study 1: Rationale:
Windsor High School and Sixth Form were awarded “Outstanding” from OFSTED in 2008 and following a Faculty Review in 2008 the PE Department were also awarded the “Outstanding” grade. Our continued innovation within the faculty following the awarding of this grade provides a platform to maintain and drive forward the impact that PE and Sport has on the students.

8 What did we want to achieve?
“How can we give our students the best possible chance of achieving more within their Key Stage 3 PE lessons developing their understanding, thinking and decision making whilst keeping them motivated and enjoying PE in order to encourage them to opt for PE within Key Stage 4 options?”

9 What did we do? Used student voice and staff input to redesign Key Stage 3 Curriculum. Guided students towards new grouping but allowed movement if necessary. Increased staff expertise in selected sports. Adapt our Key Stage 4 Curriculum offer to include BTEC Sport Diploma in addition to BTEC Sport Certificate. Introduce GCSE Short Course PE within Curriculum time.

10 “Did it work?” “I think it is good because you do stuff you like and are good at and have fun as well.” Student “Much better, students enjoy lessons more now, it’s a streamed route for them to follow. It is more suited to their individualised skills and needs.” Staff “Its good because its based around sports I like I don’t have to do dance for a long period of time. There is time to learn about sports in more detail so you get better at them.” Student

11 Outstanding PE What next?

12 Case Study 1: Rationale:
Our PE faculty has seen a significant increase in student numbers within examination PE and we have exceeded national standards for the last 2 years following the impact of the pathways curriculum. Once again we are challenging ourselves to maintain our excellent standards and “outstanding” provision within all areas of PE.

13 What did we want to achieve?
“How can we maintain the outstanding standards that are achieved in Key Stage 4 PE now that a significant rise in numbers has led to over 33% of all Year 11 students taking an examination subject in PE.”

14 What did we do? GCSE staff identified students who required support with theoretical aspects of the course (C/D) Contact with students, staff and parents to set out plans and aims for the mentoring programme. Identifying then training of AS students. Group meeting following by invention by AS students. Used new facilities within Sixth Form building to raise profile of mentoring scheme.

15 “Did it work? “Although I found it awkward at the start I then realised they were not there to judge but help, I managed to get something out of it.” Student “It was great to see the students teach each other, even though it may have been the same content as what I had done in the lesson before, it sounded different coming from fellow students.” Staff

16 The words we use: Improvement? Development? Growth points?


18 Impact!

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