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Presentation on QUALITY INTERVENTIONS by SSA, Tamil Nadu

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1 Presentation on QUALITY INTERVENTIONS by SSA, Tamil Nadu
Annexure – XII Presentation on QUALITY INTERVENTIONS by SSA, Tamil Nadu

2 Curriculum Renewal Revision Once in 5 years. Last Revision
Stds I & III – Stds II, IV & V – Stds VI to VIII – Revision of Curriculum is in progress based on NCF 2005.

3 Transformation in Classroom Processes
At Primary Level Activity Based Learning (ABL) Methodology introduced. Piloted in Chennai Corporation Schools in I to IV stds during 2001 and 2004 Subsequently upscaled to all Primary schools (37,486) across the State.

4 Features of ABL The process of learning under ABL is structured through a ladder system. Textbook split into activities, parts and units. Each unit is called a milestone. They are arranged in structured and logistic sequences from basic to advanced level. No child can move to the next higher level of learning unless he learns the lower level. Every child can proceed at his own pace. Contd…

5 Features of ABL In-built evaluation system.
There is scope for teachers to be creative. Problem of children absenteeism addressed. Multi-level and multi-grade situations addressed Three dimensional material for Mathematics. Low level blackboard for children’s use. Unconventional seating arrangements – in groups rather than rows Home work burden done away with Well received by teachers, parents and media

6 At Upper Primary Level As a parallel initiative, Active Learning Methodology (ALM) introduced in VI, VII and VIII stds in 12,000 upper primary schools. Classroom process: Introduction of concepts by the teacher, reading (students, self/pair study), small group discussion (level 1), mind mapping, discussion (level 2), summarising (level 3) presentation and discussion in large group (Teacher as facilitator). Contd…

7 Mind-Mapping of the concepts provides scope for creativity among children.
Steps / stages in ALM ensure complete comprehension of the concepts. ALM can be adopted for almost all subjects with certain limitations in mathematics and languages.

8 Impact Children exhibit unlimited curiosity, interest and enthusiasm for learning. Classroom space transformed into comfortable zone for children. Children learn to learn. Improvement in the performance of children. Confidence levels of children greatly improved. Boys and Girls interact with the teachers without any inhibition and come to the stage with confidence. Absence of rote learning. Curiosity to learn more and refer to other books.

9 Accolades from Joint Review Mission
“… the introduction of ABL in all the primary schools and the Active Learning Methodology (ALM) in all the upper primary schools has clearly stimulated and excited officials, teachers, students and parents in an unprecedented way…”. “… The teaching and learning process in all of the State’s 37,486 elementary schools has been transformed through the introduction of ABL and ALM and the Mission was greatly impressed with the way the intervention is being carried out and the speed with which change is taking place...”

10 Other initiatives Reading Corners established in all primary schools to inculcate the habit of reading among small children 172 titles of children books from NBT and SBT made available. 42 Supplementary reading materials in regional languages developed by Teachers. 80 Graded series of children books with colourful pictures developed by teachers for I and II children. Enriching ABL – Art, puppetry, toys, games and radio programmes in English in coordination with ‘The School’ KFI.

11 Enriching ALM Source Books for teachers Training to teachers on activities in English, Maths, Science and Social Science subjects. Audio visual CDs for all subjects ALM Model classrooms telecast through Doordharshan. Documentation of ALM for dissemination and replication. Mobile science van

12 Thank you

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