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APPMG World Malaria Day Event, 2013 Invest in The Future: Defeat Malaria Kolawole Maxwell, Malaria Consortium Nigeria Country Director.

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1 APPMG World Malaria Day Event, 2013 Invest in The Future: Defeat Malaria Kolawole Maxwell, Malaria Consortium Nigeria Country Director

2 Presentation outline Our context - Nigeria Malaria Consortium Our approach Key achievements Results Conclusion

3 Our context - Nigeria Over 160 million people Malaria is endemic (up to 97% of total population at risk of the disease) 42% of children under five were reported to have malaria – MIS 2010 30% of children under five mortality attributable to malaria A quarter of global deaths due to malaria happens in Nigeria

4 Malaria Consortium Works across Africa and Asia; in Africa we are operational in Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda, Mozambique, Zambia and Ghana Works in 3 out of the 5 countries that record the highest burden of malaria Implements 37 projects in Africa and Asia Projects in Africa cover all aspects of malaria, including prevention, diagnostics, treatment, demand creation, systems strengthening, governance.

5 Malaria Consortium Lead managing partner in Nigeria of the DFID UKaid funded Support to National Malaria Control Programme (SuNMaP) Other programmes in Nigeria: Malaria Action Programmes for States (MAPS) - USAID / Presidential Malaria Initiative (PMI) NetWorks – Global mechanism to research effectiveness of treated mosquito nets and support coverage scale up – USAID / PMI Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Increasing access to diagnosis in private sector - UNITAID

6 Malaria Consortium in Nigeria SuNMaP (DFID) Katsina Kano Niger Ogun Lagos Anambra Kaduna Jigawa Yobe Enugu MAPS (PMI) Zamfara Nasarawa Cross River Oyo Benue Ebonyi Kogi NetWorks (PMI) Zamfara Nasarawa Cross River 17 states and over 80 million people

7 To support the government and people of Nigeria in improving access to both prevention and treatment of malaria, while strengthening the systems to deliver malaria services To lead the process of rallying donors to join resources and use standard tools to roll-out malaria interventions to increase coverage To work with the private and commercial sector to increase access to malaria control services and commodities Our approach

8 DeliveryPeriodResults Long lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) – Mass distribution campaigns 4 years2.54m –procured by programme 22m in programme states 53m nationally LLIN – Routine distribution channels (antenatal care visits, immunisation visits, schools, community distribution) 2 years4.3 million LLIN – Commercial sector distribution 2 years1 million Sulphadoxine / Pyrimethamine 2 years4.6 million doses Key achievements

9 DeliveryPeriodResults Artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACTs) 1 year2.4 million doses Rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) 1 year860,000 kits Malaria treatment - Training 2 years24,800 health workers 8,500 health facilities Malaria in pregnancy - Training 1 year1,700 health workers Malaria diagnosis - Training 1 year2,600 health workers



12 Key achievements Health Systems: Comprehensive malaria control capacity building package developed and, with support of Malaria Consortium, has been adopted as national tools Lead among the Roll Back Malaria partners in country on the donor harmonisation agenda Recently led the National Malaria Programme Review, which will inform the development of the next National Malaria Strategic Plan: 2014 - 2020 Monitoring, evaluation and surveillance Monitoring areas

13 Results – LLIN coverage Dramatic increases from pre-campaign levels Three states reach Abuja Target of 60% with any ITN Coverage with at least 2 LLINs 34% to 57%

14 Results - equity of LLIN distribution Highly equitable in all states with a significant “pro-poor” result in Anambra Concentration curve Concentration index

15 Results – Strategic Plan Indicator Performance INTERVENTION COVERAGE NDHS 2003 NDHS 2008 MIS 2010NMSP target (2013) % of households with at least one ITN 2.2%16.3%41.5%80% % of Children < 5 who slept under ITN night before the survey 1.2%5.5%30.5%80% % of pregnant women who received IPT during ANC visits 1%8%13.2%80% % of Children< 5 with fever treated with antimalarials the same or following day 24.6%15.2%26%80% % that took recommended first line drug 97%2.4%3.2%80%

16 Binned Predicted Mean PfPR2-10 Pƒ PR 2-10 < 5% ≥ 5% - < 10% ≥ 10% - < 50% > 50% 200020052010

17 Conclusion Some signs of real progress are beginning to show We need evidence more than ever before We need to maintain funding to keep the progress made and achieve high coverage Remember, the story is all about life and death Invest in The Future: Defeat Malaria …especially in Nigeria


19 Thank you

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