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On the Ground Arizona’s Unfinished Business in Human Capital.

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1 On the Ground Arizona’s Unfinished Business in Human Capital

2 To Learn and Earn: Arizona’s Unfinished Business in Human Capital questions now on the ground Planning and Good Jobs: K-12 Education Experiences from School to Work Workforce Learning Decisions, Attitudes, and Knowledge trends, economies, and work

3 talent, diversity, and choices

4 innovation, science, and technology

5 skills and achievement

6 counting on people in the global race

7 where we are: selected international comparisons Source: A Comparison of Arizona to Nations of Comparable Size, W. P. Carey School of Business, ASU Nominal GDP per employee, AZ/selected nations of similar population/economic size

8 How knowledgeable do you think Arizonans are about the skills needed to meet global economic challenges? --Very knowledgeable --Somewhat knowledgeable --Not at all knowledgeable what do you think?

9 Source: Arizona Workforce, Sept. 17, 2009 where we are: employment Arizona and U.S. Nonfarm Employment Change % Change

10 where we are: arizona and u.s. occupations Source: Arizona Workforce Informer and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, September 2009. % Difference Between Arizona and U.S., 2008

11 Growth will come from technology and innovation. Arizona’s current/future strengths: aerospace, optics, electronics, sustainable systems, info and communications technology, biosciences and medical sciences. Arizona has above-average shares in low-paying sectors and below-average shares in high-paying ones. P-20 and adult re-entry systems both must function. Labor force growth will be great among groups suffering gaps in educational access and achievement. Quality firms have to be grown, attracted, and retained. what we know: growth, employment, and economic development

12 18 – Milken Institute State Science and Technology Index (6 th for tech and 33 rd for human capital) 36 – Forbes The Best States for Business (7 th in economic climate and 47 th in quality of life) 8 – CEOS’ Best, Worst States for Job Growth and Business (6 th in business friendliness and 43 rd in education) where we are: selected rankings * of business climate *1 is best in all. Each of these is a multi-part index. See for details.

13 1991 – Arizona Strategic Plan for Economic Development 1996 – State Job Training Program 2000 – Proposition 301 2002 – Bioscience Roadmap 2005 – “Angel” tax credits 2006 – Science Foundation Arizona 2007 – WIRED 2008 – STEM at SFAz 2009 – Pathways 2009 – AIMS Task Force 2009 – Tough Choices or Tough Times 2009 – Solar energy incentives not standing still selected milestones

14 Agree/Disagree 1-5 with 5 high Arizona will enter the top tier nationally in educational achievement in the next 20 years. Arizona will enter the top tier in income in the next 20 years. what do you think?

15 47% of workers were “very secure” in their jobs in June 2008. By June 2009, only 16% felt the same. Just 6% of Arizonans rated job opportunities in their community as “very good” in the Gallup/Arizona poll. 11% rated communities as “very good” for young college graduates. Explosion of interest in training and retraining. what we hear: feeling insecure

16 the black box of employment

17 caught in the in-between

18 What is Arizona’s most important workforce issue to you? --K-12 --STEM --College readiness --Literacy and English for adults --Training for dislocated workers --Postsecondary affordability --Skill upgrading what do you think?

19 not enough talent

20 Arizona’s recent college graduates are ready for the workforce. Very ready Somewhat ready Not at all ready what do you think?

21 aspiring and preparing but…

22 For Arizona, the most important transition time to learn more about is --High school to Postsecondary --Postsecondary to work --Job to job --Welfare to work --Family care to paid work what do you think?

23 Our actions today will determine whether we realize our hope for a competent and prosperous workforce tomorrow. Workforce 2020

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