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Media Jeopardy 4th Media Jeopardy Dictionary Encyclopedia Take a Chance 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 Final Jeopardy BooksWhich Resource.

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2 Media Jeopardy 4th

3 Media Jeopardy Dictionary Encyclopedia Take a Chance 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 Final Jeopardy BooksWhich Resource

4 Books 100 Table of Contents Building wagons pg 10 Painting Birdhousespg 22 Planting a Gardenpg 34 What page would I go to if I wanted to find out how to plant flowers? Answer

5 Books 100 Answer Page 34 Back to Grid

6 Books 200 Which part of a book has an alphabetical list of the topics in the book & the pages where they can be found? a.Index b. Glossary c. Title Page d. Table of Contents Answer

7 Books 200 Answer The Index Back to Grid

8 Books 300 Heather found a book titled Animals in Motion. Where should she look to find out if the book discusses fast animals? a.The title page b.The index c.The bibliography d.The glossary Answer

9 Parts of a Book 300 Answer The index Back to Grid

10 Books 400 An author’s job is to… Persuade Inform Entertain This book is most likely intended to do which? Answer

11 Books 400 Answer To Inform Back to Grid

12 Books 500 Megan wants to know what pages of her English book tell her how to write limericks. Where in the book should she look? a.Title page b. Copyright page c. Glossary d. Index Answer

13 Books 500 Answer Index Back to Grid

14 Dictionary Facts 100 The guide words on a dictionary page are SWAP & TAME. Which word would you find on this page? b. swallow c. talent d. tamper Answer

15 Dictionary Facts 100 Answer talent Back to Grid

16 Dictionary Facts 200 Which one is NOT something that you can use a dictionary to find? a.Definition b.Parts of Speech c.Synonyms d.Syllables Answer

17 Dictionary Facts 200 Answer Synonyms Back to Grid

18 Dictionary Facts 300 A limb of our old oak tree was broken in last night’s thunderstorm. Answer Using a dictionary, which entry below would have the same meaning as the underlined word in the sentence? a.An arm, leg, wing, or flipper of an animal b.A large branch c.The edge of an arc or circle d.An impish child

19 Dictionary Facts 300 Answer A large branch Back to Grid

20 Dictionary Facts 400 Which word would you find between the dictionary guide words deputy & deter? a. deal b. design c. delight d. demand Answer

21 Dictionary Facts 400 Answer design Back to Grid

22 Dictionary Facts 500 The word SUNDAY would be on a page with which 2 guide words? a.Salad and Squander b.Start and Study c.Square and Supper d.Scare and Scat Answer

23 Dictionary Facts 500 Answer Square and Supper Back to Grid

24 Encyclopedia 100 We use encyclopedias and almanacs for finding facts. Which resource gives more broad information? Answer

25 Encyclopedia 100 Answer Encyclopedia Back to Grid

26 Encyclopedia 200 I want to find information about Abraham Lincoln. What volume of the encyclopedia would I choose? Answer

27 Encyclopedia 200 Answer Volume L Back to Grid

28 Encyclopedia 300 In doing a report on dogs, I gathered information from a variety of print and online encyclopedias. Where should I put the information that I gathered? a.On the title page b.In the bibliography c.In the table of contents d.In the body of the report Answer

29 Encyclopedia 300 Answer In the body of the report Back to Grid

30 Encyclopedia 400 Answer Which resource is more current: A print or online encyclopedia? Why?

31 Encyclopedia 400 Answer An Online Encyclopedia is more current because it can be easily updated. Back to Grid

32 Encyclopedia 500 I am doing a report on the solar system and I am using information from print and online encyclopedias. If I copy information from these resources and present the information as my own, I am ____________ Answer

33 Encyclopedia 500 Answer Plagiarizing Back to Grid

34 Which Resource 100 Hector wants to write a research paper on the history of the automobile. Where should he look? A. Atlas B. Almanac C. Dictionary D. Encyclopedia Answer

35 Which Resource 100 Answer Back to Grid Encyclopedia

36 Which Resource 200 Which resource would be the best to use to find interesting and unique facts on animals? a.Atlas b.Encyclopedia c.Almanac d.Thesaurus Answer

37 Which Resource 200 Answer Almanac Back to Grid

38 Which Resource 300 Tom, a truck driver, is transporting furniture from Atlanta to Dallas. What would help him find the BEST route to take? a.A thesaurus b. an encyclopedia c. a dictionary d. an atlas Answer

39 Which Resource 300 Answer Atlas Back to Grid

40 Which Resource 400 The book that shows that the words magnificent & wonderful have a similar meaning is a.A dictionary b.A thesaurus c.An encyclopedia d.A book of fiction Answer

41 Which Resource 400 Answer Thesaurus Back to Grid

42 Which Resource 500 Answer Sam wants to learn more about deep sea animals. Which resource will most likely have the best information? a.Encyclopedia b.Dictionary c.Thesaurus d.History book

43 Which Resource 500 Answer Back to Grid Encyclopedia

44 Take A Chance 100 The guide words on a page in the dictionary are send & spill. Which word would you find on this page? a.Supper b.Silly c.Stick d.Sand Answer

45 Take A Chance 100 Answer Back to Grid Silly

46 Take A Chance 200 Brad wants to find out what books the library has about electric guitars. What category should he look under when using the library database? b.title c.subject number Answer

47 Take a Chance 200 Answer Subject Back to Grid

48 Take a Chance 300 Using the thesaurus entry above, which word means the same thing as the underlined word in this sentence… They dried their pelts and made clothes with them. a.corral b.hide c.cell d.graphite Answer Pelt: skin, hide, dermus Pen: corral, cell Pencil: art brush, graphite

49 Take a Chance 300 Answer Hide Back to Grid

50 Take A Chance 400 Little Red Riding Hood is a well- known fable. What is the setting of the story? Answer

51 Take a Chance 400 Answer In the forest at her grandma’s house Back to Grid

52 Take a Chance 500 What does the idiom We were in hot water now! mean? a. They need to take showers b. The lawn sprinklers were spraying hot water. c.They were in trouble. d. Their parents were calling them. Answer

53 Take a Chance 500 Answer They were in trouble. Back to Grid

54 Final Jeopardy Answer When working on a project or report, I have to cite my sources to avoid plagiarizing. Where do I cite these resources?

55 Final Jeopardy Answer Bibliography page Back to Grid

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