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Digital Rights Management

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1 Digital Rights Management
Workshop INSPIRE DT Sharing Digital Rights Management Dr. Roland M. Wagner Wien, November, 14th, 2005 Note: Some Slides are based on Presentation by Graham Vowles and Joe Cardinale

2 Presentation Overview
Open Geospatial Consortium Working Group: Geospatial Digital Rights Management Current Activities OWS3.geoDRM: Terms-of-use Click-through Service OGC GeoDRM Reference Model News / Presentations OGC Meeting Bonn (Nov. 2005) (Presentation Laila) SDI Terms of Use Harmonization in NRW Requirements & Co-operation to INSPIRE DT Sharing Proposal & Discussion WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

3 1.1. Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
OGC Vision A world in which everyone benefits from geographic information and services made available across any network, application or platform. OGC Mission Our core mission is to deliver spatial interface specifications that are openly available for global use. The OGC Not-for-profit, international consortium 250+ industry, government, and university members (about 1/3 from Europe) Specification Development Program (since 1994) similar to other Industry consortia like W3C, OMG, etc. Class A liaison with ISO/TC211 Interoperability Program (since 1999) a global, innovative, hands-on engineering and testing program designed to accelerate interface development and bring interoperability to the market OGC Web Service Testbeds (OWS) Interoperability Experiments Outreach and Community Adoption Program (since 2002) awareness raising, education and training, encourage take up of OpenGIS® interfaces, business development Subsidiaries: OGC Europe, OGC Australia, … WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

4 1.2. Service Standards Hierarchy
Global ISO, W3C, IETF Cross - Industry (Horizontal) OASIS, WS-1, ANSI, CEN, ISO, UN/CEFACT, RosettaNet / UCC... + 10 more Scope Industry Based (Vertical) XX-XML, RosettaNet, OASIS, OGC, SEDRIS, OMA, eMSA, SIF.... + hundreds more Organisation Specific Microsoft, IBM, Network Providers , + hundreds to thousands more Shared Business Process Specificity WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

5 2.1. Geo Spatial Digital Rights Management Working Group
GeoDRM WG, founded June 2004, Chairs: Graham Vowles (Ordnance Survey UK) Joe Cardinale (Boeing) Roland M. Wagner (Institut für Geoinformatik, Uni Münster) Topics: DRM, geo-eBusiness, Security,… First release: Discussion Paper „geoXACML“ for Authorization, June 2005 Meetings with large OGC member participation Sept. / Chicago, Jan. / New York, April / Frascati, June / St. John’s, November / Bonn WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

6 2.2. Relationship: Business - Technology
Discussion: OGC Meeting January, New York, UN Business Model depends on available/affordable Technology Technology Model depends on Business model Source: GDI NRW Organization Model Need for common SDI Business Model WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

7 2.3. Working Program 2005 GeoDRM.Demonstrator (Jan.-April, Frascati Demo) Sub committee activity: Short term, available technologies GeoDRM.OWS3 Testbed (since April) Sponsored activity: USGS/ Navteq / geo-connections (Canada) Declared Need: Click-Through License Service GeoDRM.Reference Model (since September) WG activity Springfield Workshop (September) Working Document Next Workshop End of January (expected in Europe) WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

8 3.1. GeoDRM.Demonstrator (Security) [Status: finalized]
Goal: Demonstration usable GeoDRM (Security) Technologies ISO REL, NRW WSS, XACML Content Services: OGC WMS Period: January-April 2005 Members: WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

9 Remark: Note: Because of on-going activities all given information need to be considered as preliminary. They do not intent to represent any official statement. WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

10 3.2. GeoDRM.Reference Model
Need for common terminology Lack of common SDI Business Models (see intro) Creation of expected SDI scenarios Definition of Scenarios Roles & Responsibilities Interactions, States Definition of terminology (English) Top-Down Approach WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

11 3.3. Scenarios & License Game (Graham Vowles)
Goal: Identification of Roles and Interaction Scenario 1:     Scenario 2: Integration of datasets by overlay Scenario 3: Integration of datasets by mosaic – roaming? Scenario 4:     WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

12 3.4. GeoDRM.OWS3 Testbed Sponsored Tests/Developments with bottom-up approach Goal: Development and Specification of an OGC interoperable “License/Terms-Of-Use Click-Through” (ToU) Mechanism for provider/users with a need to acknowledge the Terms-Of-Use prior requesting for content/service. User might be anonymous, registered, but without proofed identity (nick name) or registered with proof of identity Process is state-full for all user groups (session). Process must support cascading. Note: Details in OGC RFQ OWS3. WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

13 3.5. Compatibility and Environment
Security and other horizontal (business) functions are considered as more and more important Integration New “Geo-eBusiness” Services Content Services (WMS,WFS, WCS, …), For legacy, operational and future versions with suitable engine-readable meta data description OWS3.geoDRM: First technical solutions IPR Report: End 2005 WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

14 3.6. Outlook: Geo-eBusiness Services
(Horizontal) Services to manage DRM issues Open List of business functions Different constellations depending on business models Identified Functions: Terms-Of-Use Click-Through (INSPIRE: click-licenses) Security [not mentioned in INSPIRE directly, but required] Pricing & Ordering Services (INSPIRE : e-commerce) WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

15 3.8. Conclusion OGC OGC is a organization of mostly technical members
Defines OGC interoperable (technical) specifications OGC initialized a WG for Business Services (GeoDRM) First Goals: Click-Through ToU and Security Business / GeoDRM Services depend of common SDI Business Model Question: Could INSPIRE, with an organizational/legal frame and clear tasks, covering 25 national States (MS), deliver a common SDI business model? (DT Sharing) Co-operation: a win-win situation WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

16 4. NRW approach to structure Terms-of-Use agreements
Extracts of an OGC GeoDRM Presentation: Kleemann, Knabenschuh, Sander, Siebold, Panzer, Wagner (November 2005, Bonn)

17 4.1. SDI NRW An activity: The SDI Joint Project Developments and Experiences Joint Project 2004 – technical driven approach Build an operational standardized core of the SDI 40 Projects were realized to implement: More than 120 services and about 20 applications WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

18 4.2. Problem Statement Arising question:
What are SDI services good for, if nobody knows if and how you are allowed to use them? “We recognize that we need Terms of Use [and other business rules] to enable the economic use of the SDI.” Risk: Large diversity of different Terms of Use [and other b.r. will create a new (legal) barrier. Approach Harmonization and enhanced market transparency by usage of neutral third party templates for business rules Engine-readable structured contract templates for automated contracting ( a la Mobile Phone GSM) WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

19 4.3. Approach: Model ToU consists of separate statements referring to elementary combinations of an operation (What kind of usage is undertaken?) an intention (What is the purpose of the usage?) Building up a matrix of generic operations / intentions Ambition: chosen categories should be applicable for data, services and applications! Reduce complexity for regular users! WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

20 intentions operations
4.4. Model: Matrix intentions operations view (simple) view (enhanced) plot analyse integrate link (traceable) link (not traceable) publish relay modify WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

21 intentions operations
4.5. Model: Matrix intentions Type A - private individual no commercial interest • purpose: personal information and use in personal environment Type B - company direct or indirect commercial interest • purpose: making profit Type C - public authority no commercial interest • purpose: administration based on legal regulations Type D - public utility institution no commercial interest • purpose: depends on kind of institution Type E - educational institutions no commercial interest • purpose: teaching and related research operations WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

22 intentions operations
4.6. Model: Matrix intentions operations Cells contain descrete values: x usage is prohibited ! usage is permitted with restrictions ? usage requires compliance with process regulations ok usage is permitted without restrictions usage is not defined x ! X ok WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

23 4.7. Matrix: adding more details to cells
process regulations prohibited restricted free not defined 1st level of detail conclusion of contract registration permisson type 2nd level of detail WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

24 4.8. Matrix: adding more details to cells
1st level of detail process regulations prohibited restricted free not defined restriction C restriction A restriction B type ! 2do: categorization 2nd level of detail WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

25 4.9. Conclusion Risk: Legal / business contract diversity may destroy SDI interoperability efforts Geo-eBusiness Services are required to manage Digital Rights Therefore corresponding Expression are needed between Legal Text Computational Model (categories) User readable information Text Harmonization a key issue, Stimulation by supported tools? Open List of concrete Business Rules WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

26 5. Proposals & Discussion
Joint Definition of Roles and Interaction with (INSPIRE) Scenarios for an (INSPIRE) Business Model => Reference Model Joint Development of Legal contract  technical contract process Model for IP management => Matrix Model Support in Harmonization by providing efficient tools in an SDI => Geo-eBusiness Services WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

27 Institut für Geoinformatik eMail:
Contact Universität Münster Institut für Geoinformatik Dr. Roland M. Wagner WKS „Security in GDI“ 03. November 2005

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