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Jim Dinh Christian Bagay Period 6

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1 Jim Dinh Christian Bagay Period 6
Strait Of Gibraltar

2 Body of Water Connects the Mediterranean sea with the Atlantic ocean
Connects the Atlantic ocean to the Indian ocean

3 Countries Involved Spain, located north of the Strait
Morocco, located south of the Strait United Kingdom, has control of the Gibraltar colony, located on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula

4 Size of Strait 36 Miles long and and narrows between 8 miles between the countries of Spain and Morocco

5 Who its important to It is Important to European countries around the Mediterranean because it is the only Strait that connects to the Atlantic from Europe. It is also important to the countries of North America because it is an important trade route to the Indian ocean.

6 Impact of closing If the strait was ever closed it would disrupt all trade between the Mediterranean and Atlantic all trade between the Indian ocean and the Atlantic ocean would also be affected.

7 Values During 1869 Gibraltar played a key role in the trade between the British and its oversea empire in India and its other eastern territories. It also played a key role as a Strategic naval point for the British during the battle of Trafalgar and the Crimean War of Today it is an Important trading strait for European countries and countries trading between the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. It is still military Important as it is still a chocking point for Europe.

8 Advantages and Disadvantages
Only entrance from Mediterranean sea to Atlantic ocean Small and narrow entrance If closed it will take longer for supplies to travel from the Atlantic ocean to Mediterranean sea and from the Atlantic ocean to the Indian ocean Advantages Faster trading route from Atlantic to Indian ocean. Opening to the Mediterranean sea to the Atlantic ocean. Entrance to Europe by water.

9 What goes through Boats and ships go through to drop off and pick up shipment. Other boats and ship go through to enter Spain and other European countries. Commercial ships for passengers.

10 Influence of physical geography
Only place in Europe that has monkeys, monkeys cross the strait of Gibraltar from Africa to the Iberian Peninsula Famous Rock Of Gibraltar 8 miles wide, the depth ranges between 980 – 3000 feet The average temperature is around 65F during the day and 59F at night.

11 Influence of Human geography
-Plans are underway to build a tunnel/bridge across the strait of Gibraltar from Spain to Morocco. A combined effort between 2 publicly owned companies, are planning to join the 2 countries using a railroad, this has been underway since 2003 and are hoped to be fully functional by 2025. -During world war 2 miles of manmade tunnels were built inside the rock of Gibraltar, these tunnels were used fro military purposes and to build an underground city.

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