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2 Climate Although Russia has almost every climate region it is mostly Subarctic and Humid Continental

3 Vegetation Tundra – permafrost grasslands with scattered shrubs in the north Taiga – dense evergreen forest Ideal for Russian lumber industry Chernozem – means “black earth” steppe- grassland region Southern Russia Ideal for agriculture Tundra Taiga Chernozem

“Transcontinental countries” touch two or more continents Countries that touch both European and Asian continents are called Eurasia Ural Mountains is the primary boundary of the two continents EUROPE ASIA Beyond the Ural Mountains there are 9 other landforms that separate Europe from Asia, how many can you guess?

5 Ural Mountains Ural River Caspian Sea Caucasus Mt. (origin of the word Caucasian) Black Sea Bosporus Strait Marmara Sea (smallest sea) Dardanelles Strait Aegean Sea Mediterranean HOW MANY COUNTRIES ARE EURASIAN?

6 There are 5 countries that make up Eurasia, what are they?
Russia Kazakhstan Azerbaijan Georgia Turkey ASIA EUROPE

7 Russia’s Southern Boundary
Black sea, Caucasus Mountains, Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China

8 RUSSIAN LAKES Russia’s largest lake in the Caspian Sea
Caspian is a Sea due to its size and salt content, however, by definition a lake is a landlocked body of water It is about the same size as California Caspian Sea contain large amounts of oil

9 LAKE BAIKAL Largest fresh water lake in the world in volume. Second only to the Caspian Sea in size. 5370 feet deep Contains 20% of all the worlds fresh water 1,085 species of plants and 1,550 species and varieties of animals – many are found only here. Scientist believe there are still many species left to find, but water is too dark and deep to explore



12 ARAL SEA Aral Sea is also a lake Aral Sea is shrinking – WHY
Shrinking Aral Sea Aral Sea is also a lake Aral Sea is shrinking – WHY Environmental and climatic changes Diversion of water from the Syr Darya and Amu Darya rivers Poor management of resources has damaged the region’s environment

13 VOLGA RIVER Nearly 75% of Russia’s population lives in Europe
Largest River in Russia Eleven out of Russia’s 20 largest cities are located on the Volga (Including Moscow) Nearly 75% of Russia’s population lives in Europe

All land located east of the Ural Mountains No warm ocean currents reach Russia Many resources; timber, oil, and coal mining

15 SIBERIA TWO REGIONS West Siberian Plain – is flat frozen tundra and woodlands Central Siberian Plateau – located in mid- Asia (high flat peaks)

16 Wooly Mammoths Siberian Arctic Fox Siberian Tiger 480 bear paws from pelt trafficking

17 BERING STRAIT Separates the United States from Russia
Only 53 miles wide


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