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Nuevo ReadyNAS 1500 Xavier Lleixa Sales Engineer Iberia 2010.

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1 Nuevo ReadyNAS 1500 Xavier Lleixa Sales Engineer Iberia 2010

2 Finding the Right Fit for your Small to Medium-Sized Business Switches –Unmanaged –Smart Switches (Web Managed) –Fully Managed VPN / Firewall Appliances –Wired or Wireless –VPN IPSec and SSL –Firewalls Wireless Solutions –Business Access Points –Wireless Controller ReadyNAS Storage –Business-class X-RAID Security –2- to 6-Bay –Scalable and Affordable Security –Both Web and Email all-in-one Solution –Patent Pending « Stream Scanning » –No License per user Enterprise technology tailored for the SMB with usability and affordability HOY : Nuevo ReadyNAS 1500

3 Agenda Introducción Caracteristicas Solucion de copias Aplicaciones Dudas

4 ReadyNAS 1500 Fiable 3 años de garantía X-Change Competitivo 30% menor que 2100 Simple X-RAID2 y servicios cloud computing Potente 600Mbps transferencia 1500

5 X-RAID2 Note: Link to volume expansion animation:

6 X-Change

7 ReadyNAS ® Business Products Small business(5 -75 users) SMB (75-200 users)Medium Enterprise ( ~500 users) ReadyNAS 2100 ReadyNAS 3100 ReadyNAS 3200 ReadyNAS 4200 Feature / Performance Reliable. Affordable. Simple. Virtualization | D2D Backup | File Sharing | Storage Consolidation ReadyNAS 1500 Extend ReadyNAS Rackmount product offering

8 Offsite backup choices: - ReadyNAS Replicate - Backup to a FTP site - ReadyNAS Vault ReadyNAS 1500 Remote user AFP NFS CIFS ReadyNAS Remote HTTP(s)/ FTP(s) /WebDAV ReadyNAS Vault ReadyNAS Replicate rysnc ReadyNAS 1500


10 Formato 1u 4 bahías Plataforma intel x86 – Intel Tolapi 2 puertos de red 10/100/1000 3 puertos USB 2.0 1GB RAM

11 Protocolos –Support file protocols (CIFS, NFS, AFP, FTP, HTTP) –CIFS, NFS, AFP –HTTP y HTTPS Funcionalidades –RAID 0/1/5/10 & X-RAID2 –Directorio Activo –Snapshoot Configuraciones –RNRX441E, 4TB system –RNRX442E, 8TB system


13 Solucion Backup ReadyNAS ReadyNAS Vault Externalizaci on de copia Copia propio NAS Copia de Cliente

14 Management Offsite Backup and Multi-site Replication ReadyNAS Replicate

15 Servers ReadyNAS Clients Backup Server Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery Local backup for clients Local backup for servers, VMs ReadyNAS Replicate for offsite backup ReadyNAS Vault Hybrid cloud archive ReadyNAS Replicate

16 Hybrid Cloud Local Cloud Z: HotelHome Office

17 Hybrid Cloud File Server Clients Reliable: Data available Affordable: Pay-as-you-go model Simple: Access data from local or from the cloud

18 Esquema almacenamiento virtualizado

19 Solucion Backup Software

20 2.Solucion Backup ReadyNAS


22 ReadyNAS 1500 AFP NFS CIFS ReadyNAS 1500 Servidor de ficheros

23 Sistema de videograbación IP

24 Solucion de copia a disco Reliable: integrates with existing tools Affordable: no licenses or new software Simple: disk and wire speeds and capacities

25 Gracias Xavier Lleixa 933443204 677596852

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