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1 Insects

2 Classification of Insects
Kingdom Animalia Invertebrates Phylum Arthropoda Exoskeleton Jointed legs

3 Class Centipedes Class Millipedes
Class Crustaceans Class Arachnids

4 Class Insecta Characterisitics
3 body parts Six legs

5 Class Insecta Characteristics
Two pairs of wings Two kinds of eyes compound

6 Class Insecta Characteristics
Two Antennae Two sets of jaws

7 Class Insecta Characteristics
All insects begin their life cycle as an egg.

8 Insect Orders

9 Insects place in the Animal Kingdom
1 million species identified (Most populous of all living things) Most diverse of all organisms

10 Insects place in the Animal Kingdom
Can live in any environment Well adapted to their environment camouflage

11 Harmful Insects Destroy Crops Carry/Spread Diseases Parasitic

12 Helpful Insects Food for other organisms
Pollinate flowers to produce fruits and vegetables

13 Helpful Insects Eat other harmful insects
Help in decay of dead organisms

14 True Bugs Order Hemiptera Long feeding tubes
All bugs are insects but not all insects are bugs Order Hemiptera Long feeding tubes

15 Exoskeleton A hard outer covering Used for protection Made of chitin

16 Insect Head – Eyes, mouthparts, antennae Insect Thorax – legs, wings Insect Abdomen – digestive and reproductive organs

17 Insect Antennae (Feelers)
Sensory Organs Touch Taste Smell Hearing

18 Insect Mouthparts Sponging/Lapping Ex. housefly Siphoning/Proboscis
Ex. butterfly

19 Insect Mouthparts Piercing/Sucking Ex. Wheel bug and Mosquito Chewing
Ex. caterpillars None Ex. mayfly

20 Insect Wings Powdery Scales Membranous Clear with veins showing
Hard shell like outer wings Powdery Scales

21 Insect Life cycles Simple Metamorphosis
hatches from egg looking just like the adult grows in size by molting

22 Insect Life Cycles Incomplete Metamorphosis
Hatches from egg and becomes a nymph Nymph does not have fully developed wings Molts to become an adult

23 Insect Life Cycles Complete Metamorphosis Egg Larva (Caterpillar)
Pupa (Chrysalis or Cocoon Adult

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