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RECRUITMENT. recruit = employ = take on = give a job hire.

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2 recruit = employ = take on = give a job hire

3 HUMAN RESOURCES (MANAGE PEOPLE)  recruit/lay off  provide a job contract (rights and obligations)  motivate (rewards systems)  measure productivity

4  train (new skills, new systems)  take care of lighting, heating, hygiene, canteen, sports  develop (opportunities, promotion)  negotiate with trade unions

5 Recruiters (HR Department)

6 Vacancy retirement employees give notice new positions

7 Applicants Apply for a job / position / vacancy send a CV / letter of application put on a shortlist attend an interview


9 The finest things don’t come to those who wait, but to those who go out and hunt.


11 RECRUITMENT PROCESS HR DEPARTMENT 1. advertises the job / vacancy in the appointments page (local, national, international advertising; trade journals) 2. notifies Job Centres (employment agencies) 3. uses private recruiting agencies - head-hunters (for top staff)

12 ADVERTISEMENT a) Job description - job title (responsibilities) - working hours/conditions - holidays - pay (salary/wages) - fringe benefits (perks)

13 Fringe benefit (perks) bonus (additional payment) free meals (subsidised canteen) use of car/mobile phone/house free insurance profit sharing social facilities (sports clubs)

14 b) Job specification (CV or resume) - personal details (age, place/date of birth, address, e-mail) - qualifications (diploma, degree, courses) - work experience - personal qualities - skills (computer, languages, driving licence) - references


16 FILL IN THE FOLLOWING WORDS: staffing, background, contract, applicant, resumes, interviews, recruitment, experience The most important step to take when performing the _____________ process is a clear understanding of the job for which they are hiring. Before meeting with the job __________, the hiring manager must decide upon the responsibilities of the position. He must be clear about the educational _____________, professional ______________ and qualitative manners he seeks in the ideal candidate. Once the responsibilities, requirements and the salary range of a job is determined, the hiring manager may post want ads on online job search sites or in traditional publications. He/she may also utilize the services of a _____________ agency that maintains a pool of qualified, pre-screened candidates. When _______________ begin to pour in, a hiring manager must screen each one. His goal is to weed out those lacking the proper educational or professional background. Once he/she has identified the most appropriate resumes, he ___________ those applicants. When an ideal candidate has been identified, the hiring manager extends a formal offer of employment. The applicant signs a ______________.

17 MATCH THE WORDS: 1.givea) an interview 2.applyb) an application form 3.putc) page 4.attendd) a CV / Covering letter 5.jobe) benefits 6.appointmentsf) notice 7.fringeg) for a job 8.fill in / outh) on a shortlist 9.employmenti) vacancies 10.sendj) agency

18 SEARCH THE WEBSITE AND MAKE THE SUMMARY: resume-will-get-you-in-trouble.aspx#axzz2EexhzhiS Write a short summary: How lying on your resume will get you in trouble

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