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1. gold 2. concrete 3. cardboard 4. ice 5. sand 6. stone 7. dung 8. latex 9.plaster 10. wood 11. marble 12. silver 13. denim 14. brick 15. corduroy 16.

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2 1. gold 2. concrete 3. cardboard 4. ice 5. sand 6. stone 7. dung 8. latex 9.plaster 10. wood 11. marble 12. silver 13. denim 14. brick 15. corduroy 16. polyestyrene 17. fur 18. silk 19. cork 20.straw 21. linen 22.bronze

3 Vocabulary from the text A sculptor makes S _____________ A surprising or S _____ example When it´s getting warmer ice M ___ A house in a line of houses T ___ H ____ “Que ha ganado un premio” P __ He did it with his B _____ H _____ Finally get or S _______ “Una serie de artículos” I ______ A group of actors and to throw. C _____ Herencia or H __________ El crecimiento y la caída- G ____ D ____ Getting hotter o W ______ “Que ha ganado un premio” A ______ Some animals poo D ____ Buy something F __ of C ___ (not paying) He did it as a T ___ to his death “Una banda de racistas” R ___ G __ Drops of water coming from your eyes T _____ “Es un despilfarro de dinero” It´s a W ____ of M _____ Material used on a broken arm P _______ sculptures Prize-winning Terraced house meltsstriking succeededitemscastheritage tribute Bare hands Growth and decay warmer Award- winning dung Free of charge plaster Waste of money tears Racist gang

4 VERBAL TENSES THE PRESENT THE PAST THE FUTURE SIMPLE: I goSIMPLE: I went SIMPLE: I will go / I would go Continuous: I´m going Perfect: I have gone Perfect Continuous: I have been going Continuous: I was goingContinuous: I will be going/ I´d be going Perfect: I had gonePerfect: I will have gone / I´d have gone Perfect Continuous: I had been going Perfect Continuous: I will have been going / I´d have been going Conditional

5 Song No sleep _______ _______ until I´m done with _____ the ______ __________, won ´t _______ before I ______ the ______ for this ________ and sometimes I _______ like _______ down and ______ ___________ but ________ I know that I _____ _______ to be _______ _____ been ________, ______ been ______ in the shadows for my ______ _____ been ________, ______ been ______ for tomorrows all my _______ they _____ that I _____ ______ to ______ before I can feel ______ but I ____ rather ______ myself than _______ into their ________ and sometimes I feel that I _______ and play with the _______ somehow I ______ don ´t ______ _____ and wait for a ________ ____ _____ been _____ walking in ______ watching, ______ for something __________ me, ________ me, heal me come take me ______ No sleep / finding / answer Won ´t stop / stop / find / cure / cancer Feel / going / so disconnected Somehow / am haunted / wanted I´ve/watching/I´´ve/ waiting/ time I´ve/searching/I´´ve /living/ life Say/was going / cure /safe ´d /kill/turn /slave Should go /thunder Just/wanna

6 Grammar What have they been doing? Or what have they done?. Write sentences. 1.he´s been playing football but he hasn ´t won the game 2. they have been shopping, they have bought lots of things 3.He´s been repairing the car but he hasn ´t finished yet 4.She has been writing letters.She has just finished 5.She has been having a shower and she has washed her hair 6. He´sbeen cleaning the floor 7. She´s been doing the washing,she´s just hang it up 8.He´s been running 9.They have been fighting 10. They have ben palying tennis.They have just finished

7 How long has he been… How long has he neen playing football? He´s been playing for an hour/since 7:30 How long have they been shopping?. They´ve been shopping for 2 hours, since 3 How long has he been repairing cars? Since he was 15 How long has she been writing letters?. For 3 hours/ since 7 How long has she been having a shower?. For 15 minutes How long has he been cleaning the floor?. Since 10 How long has she been hanging the washing?. For 20 minutes How long has he been running? For an hour, since 4:30 How have they been fighting? Since the one on the right punched the other one How long have they been playing tennis?

8 ¿ Cuánto tiempo lleva(s) trabajando …? Make questions with How long …?. Then answer with for and sice 1. R. Williams started performing pop songs in 1990. 2. JK. Rowling wrote her first story in 1971at the age of six. 3. G Clooney started acting in 1979 4. Jennifer Lopez started singing in 1975 5. Ronaldo started playing professional football at the age of 18 How long has he been performing pop songs?. For 19 years/ since 1990 How long has she been writing stories? For 38 years/ since 1971 How long has he been acting? For 30 years / since 1979 Hpw long has she been singing? For 34 years/ since 1975 How long has he been playing football?. Since he was 18

9 UNIT 2(2) A baker A butcher A hairdresser A caretaker A maid A reporter A cashier A judge- gavel wig Fireman- hose, hydrant, fire extinguisher Policeman- truncheon, whistle, badge,gun,handcuffs Detective Fingerprints Taylor Mechanic Plumber- `pipes Waiter Waitress Carpenter Painter Movers Lorry driver

10 A baker A butcher A hairdresser A caretaker A cashier A judge A fireman A policeman A mechanic A plumber A waiter A mover An architect A fishmonger A nurse A flight attendant A lawyer A postwoman Is a person who Bakes, makes and sells bread, cakes, rolls, muffins, etc. cuts, slices, chops and sells meat Cuts and styles your hair Assist people on the phone Collects and gives you money in a shop or bank Listens to the evidence in a trial and senteces defendants Puts fires out Arrests criminals Repairs cars Repairs nad puts up pipes Serves foof and drinks in a bar or restaurant Hepls people to move their houses Designs and plans the building of bridges, houses, etc A person who cuts and sells fish Looks after patients in a hospital Assists people in a plane Hepls people with legal problems Delivers letters to your house A cook An architect A doctor A fishmonger A nurse A flight attendant A lawyer A postwoman

11 3. Complete this short text with suitable words. Jobs where you work with your hands and don ´t need any ability or training are called ______ jobs. If you work with your hands but the job requires a lot of ability and training, we call it a ________ job. We refer to doctors and lawyers as professional people: doctor work in the ______ profession, lawyers work in the _______ profession. People who defend the country, such as sailors,soldiers, are part of the _________ forces. Firefighters and ambulance drivers are part of the ________ services Lecturer Engineer Vet Carpenter Plumber Dentist Accountant Electrician Treat Assist Look after Operate Repair Build Design Buy /sell Unskilled Skilled Medical Legal Arm emergency

12 What do you do for a living? How much do you earn? Do you have to pay income tax? How much holiday do you get? Do you have to work overtime in your job? Do you get holiday pay? Do you get sick pay? What does your job involve? 1. G; 2.C;3.D;4.F;5.A:6.H;7.B ; 8.E 1. F 2.D 3.B 4.E 5.A 6.C

13 To be dismissed/fired Unemployed Resign Promoted Prospects Retire Staff 1.B 2.E 3.D 4.A 5.F 6.C Part-time Course Start Market Rise Payroll Over Apply fot it

14 Yes, they´re film extras. What does this job involve? A film extra What´s it like? Spent Bored Takes Scene Catch sight of Join Charge screen

15 Who`s who?What do they do?

16 It´s good money There´s alot of hanging about We´ve been on location I was doubling for P.Cruz It was rather nice But not luck yet That´s odd The phone´s been ringing non –stop On set I´ve had plenty of offers I´ve only had 2 jobs so far There seems to be very little work about Freezing What´s been likefor others? Te pagan bien Hay muchas veces que no haces nada Hemos estado grabando Fue la doble de Penélope Cruz Estuvo bastante bien Todavía no he tenido suerte Es extraño/ paradójico El teléfono no ha parado de sonar Grabando en el estudio He tenido muchas ofertas He tenido solo dos trabajos hasta ahora Parece que hay poco trabajo Hacía mucho frío ¿Cómo les ha ido a los otros?

17 A part-time or t ________ job ¿Y cómo es? W ___________? Postmen D _____ Letters Hairdressers S ____ your hair You need to J ____ an agency to get a job A _____ people on a plane P______ fires O __L _____ A ______ patients D ______ buildings, bridges S _____deffendants in a T ______ They help to move your house M ___ The judge uses them G ___ / W __ Firemen use H ___ H ____ and F ____ E _______ There are two at school at the entrance C _____ T _____ / w ____ B _____ and H ____ used by Police The agency C ____ them 15% Colloquially see a person C ___ S ___ of He bakes rolls, bread biscuits and M _____ C _____ collects and gives you money Huellas – dactilares_F _____de los pies F ____ TemporaryWhat´s it like? deliverstylejoin movers assist Gavel/ wig Put outLook after caretakers Hydrants/hos es/ fire extinguishers design Sentence/trial truncheon/w histle/badge and handcuffs charges Catch sight of muffins cashier Fingerprints/ footprints

18 When What Who What Who Where Who How Who How

19 Present Perfect We have already won a prize we have just won a prize I have never won a prize I haven ´t won a prize yet Have you won a prize yet? We still haven´t won a prize Have you ever won a prize? I have lived in San Lorenzo for 4 years I have lived in San Lorenzo since 1995 Already (aff.) – ya Just (aff.) – acabo de Never (aff.) - nunca Yet (neg.) – todavía Yet (quest.) – ya Still (aff./ neg.) – todavía Ever (quest.) – alguna vez For + period of time- durante Since + point in time - desde Already just never yet still ever for since so far

20 4.Complete the sentences with a verb from the box using Present Perfect and one of the particles in brackets. Break buy finish do go be find lose paint read take 1. Are they still having dinner?. No, they ______. (already) 2.I ___ some new shoes. Do you want to see them?. (just) 3.Is Tom here?. Yes, he ______ to work. (yet) 4.Where is your key?. I don ´t know. I _____________________ it ____. (yet) 5. ___________ you _____________ the shopping ____ ?. No, I, m going to do it later. (yet) 6. ___________ you _____________ to the USA?. No, never. (ever) 7. Look!. Somebody _______________ that window. 8. Your house looks different. _______________ you ____________ it?. 9. I can ´t find my umbrella. Somebody _________ it. (just) 10. Do you want the newspaper?. No, thanks. I ________________________ it. (already). Have already finished Have just bought Hasn ´t gone (to work) yet Haven ´t found it yet Have you done /the shopping) yet Have you ever been Has broken Have you painted Has just taken have already read

21 SPEAKING Say which of these things A) you have never done B) you have already done C) you haven´t done yet D) you have always wanted to do E) the craziest, the most exciting, etc. thing you´ve ever done Speak to a famous person Be on TV Have your fotune told Se a James Bond film See a house on fire Fall in love Win a lot of money Buy a new car Eat in a famous restaurant Visit London or New York

22 A painting/a frame A paint brush A model A sculptor An artist/canvas/ easel A bust A museum An actor An actress A mask A stage A spotlight director/megaphone Audience/boos/ applause Film projector/ reel/ film Statue/pedestal Screen Usher Palette Tickets Star, celebrity

23 Types of filmsPeople / placeThey … / it´sothers C ______ A ______ A _______ S ______ H ______ R _______ W ______ T _______ M ______ C _____ S ______ S _______ C ________ D ________ C ______ D ___ A _______ P ______ E ______ A _______ U ______ P______ dangerous scenes Writes the s ______ S _______ the film T _______ actors ____________ D _____ the clothes the actors wear P ______ the P _____ in the film P ____ the film and he M ___ S___ it is not expensive A ______ in the film but they don ´t play a part B _______ that helps people to find a job Tells you where there are E _____ seats in a cinema C _______ a B ____ O ___ H__ T ______ S _______ S ______ D ______ On L ______ On S _______ F _______ F ____ Comedy Action Adventure Sci-fi Horror Romantic Western Thriller Musical cartoon Stuntman Scriptwriter Cameraman Director Costumes designer Actor/actress Producer Extra Agency usher D oes or plays Script Shoots Tells actors what to do Designs Play the parts Pays / makes sure Act Business empty Casting Box office hit Take Screen Scene Double on location On set Feature film

24 1. Listen to the story of Philip Pullman Roald Dahl and fill in the gaps Pullman or the S __________ Without stories we wouldn´t be _______ ______ at all- Author of an ______ ______ and best ____ trilogy - The book ________ a girl on her _______ into ________ worlds - It´s not an adventure story, it´s about ____, ____ and experience - It explores the ________ ______ of ________ love and ______ - He ______ part of his _______ travelling ________ - As a child he went on _______ long sea _______ - Soon ________ I discovered Batman too, ______ I loved ______ ______ - I ______ that writing was much _______ than I _______ - Before he _______ a _________ writer - What I _______ _____ was telling ______ stories and _______stories and Greek ______ - He used to ________ ____ his own stories - One day he was _______ to get a letter even ____ the writer didn ´t know his address - Dahl was named ______ Roald Amudssen. He _______ - ______ and was badly injured and ________ to England in 1960 Storyteller Human beings Award-winning Selling Follows / journey/unknown Growing up / innocence Major /themes/truth/death Spent /life / abroad Several /voyages Afterwards /whom /even more Realized/harder/had expected Became/ full-time Enjoyed most/folk/ghosts/ Myths Make up Delighted /though After /crash-landed /returned

25 Sin historias no seríamos seres humanos en absoluto Pasó una gran parte de su infancia viajando al extranjero Antes de los 11 ya había estado en 8 colegios diferentes La tele no había llegado a Australia todavía y poco después Empecé a escribir y me di cuenta que era más difícil de lo que había pensado Antes de dedicarse a escribir a tiempo completo, había estado de profe Pero con lo que más disfrutaba era contando historias Cuando era pequeño contaba incluso a sus amigos los mitos griegos y a veces se inventaba sus propias historias Un día recibió una carta que decía era para el contador de cuentos. Pullman se dijo para si: “No se puede pedir nada mejor” Without Stories we wouldn ´t be human beings at all He spent a great deal of his life travelling abroad Before he was 11, he had already been to 8 different schools TV hadn ´t reached Australia yet and soon afterwards I … I started writing and realized that it was much harder than I´d expected Before I became a full-time writer I had been teaching … But What I enjoyed the most was telling stories When He was a child, he told his friends the Greek Mythsand sometimes he made up his own stories One day he got a letter and the sender wrote : PhilipPullman the storyteller. He said to himself: “I can ´t ask for anything better”

26 A part-time or F ________ job A book that a lot of people buy a B __ S __ Pullman told his friends Greek M ____ A Synomym with topics = T _____ He is N _____ A ____ his grandfather “ Con lo que mejor me lo paso es” What I E _____ M _____ is Period of time in a person´s life between 1 -12 years old= C ___ Estuvo encantado de recibir la carta= he was D ____ to get … TV hadn ´t R ____ (llegado) Australia yet The plane C ____ L ___ and 200 people died in the accident Seres humanos H ______ B ______ “Poco después” = S _____ A ________ He often (inventaba) = M ___ U__ stories “Con quien” With W _____ A person who tells stories S ______ Desde entonces = E S “ En el extranjero” = A ______ Viajes= T ___ / V ___ J ____ “Él se dio cuenta de que “ He R _____ “incluso si” “aunque” E ____ T _____ Full-timeBest-selling mythsthemesName after Human beings storyteller Soon afterwards childhooddelighted whom Make up reached Crash-landedEnjoyed most Ever since abroad Trips/voyages journeys realized Even though

27 1. False- It´s also about growing up, innocence and experience and it explores the themes of truth, love … 2. N I 3. True 4. False- he loved batman even more than Superman 5. False- He started writting his first novel the day after he´d finished his exams 6. False- It was much harder than he had expected 7. True 8.N I 9. true 10. True

28 Grammar practice Was/had been Had been reading/ discovered Came/ had discovered Had written/started Came/ had created Had been telling/ was

29 Grammar: Past perfect /Continuous She had been doing a crossword He had been drawing her He had drunk a glass of wine He had eaten a sandwich He had been looking at the girl She had been reading the book He had been running to meet her He had been shopping She had been waiting He had been doing the washing-up He had already washed 4

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