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Chapter 2 Part 1.

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1 Chapter 2 Part 1

2 Jamestown Settlers spent lots of time looking for gold and silver
Didn’t pay attention to their crops Disease, poor leadership, bad leadership made the number of survivors decline by ½ Men didn’t want to work Problems with Indians

3 The Starving Time Captain John Smith made new leader of Jamestown; he:
Made new strict laws/rules Protected the settlement Informed men “No Work, No Food” Smith got hurt at one point and had to return to England

4 New Hope for Jamestown Settlers were going to leave Jamestown
However three new ships arrived carrying: More men to help New Supplies Lord Delaware was made governor John Rolfe married princess Pocahontas and planted tobacco (major money crop for the colonies)

5 Tobacco was in huge demand in England
In 1619 several things took place: General assembly formed (House of Burgesses) Colonists could pick representatives 90 women brought over the Jamestown to marry the men Introduction of slaves to the New World

6 Chapter 2 Part 2

7 The Plymouth Colony Settlers tried to settle in New England however faced problems that made them return home Poor planning by leaders Very harsh cold winter

8 Religious Problems Grow
Pilgrims – were openly against King’s religious practices Treated very badly by king Wanted to go to the New World Pilgrims Make Plans Investors paid their way to the New World; however they do to go under certain conditions: Had to settle on the land owned by the London Company Had to work for 7 years and give all profits back to the investors After 7 years they would be free The Mayflower Compact Elected a leader (John Carver) Created on of the first democracy’s They were setting up their own government However this didn’t overcome all their problems

9 Chapter 2 Part 3

10 Puritan Colony Made of well educated, upper class people
1629 Puritans leave for New World Created Massachusetts Bay Colony John Winthrop chosen as governor Colony did well and grew rapidly

11 Chapter 2 Part 4

12 English Colonies Grow in Number
Puritans wanted religious freedom however wouldn’t give it to others All colonists were expected to follow puritans way or they were punished Several groups decided to venture out on their own

13 Providence Due to strict policies people were unhappy
Roger Williams was forced to leave so he started the Providence Colony He created a 100% true democracy (1636) He established the first complete freedoms for a colony

14 Connecticut 2nd group broke off from Puritans, went to Connecticut
Thomas Hooker was their leader Established Connecticut Colony in 1636

15 Chapter 2 Part 5

16 Maryland (1634) Funded by companies interested in trade
Noblemen would “basically” own the colony George Calvert (then his son) Cecilius Calvert were in charge of Maryland He created the Toleration Act; which gave equal religious freedom to all colonists

17 Carolina (1663) Was wanted to grow different crops
Charleston became a major port Although there was continuous problems in the colony The colony was divided in 1729, and became North and South Carolina

18 Georgia (1733) Many poor people were imprisoned for small offenses in England James Oglethorpe wanted to take these people and start a colony Arrived in Savannah, Georgia Georgia had a great climate and land This attracted many people

19 Chapter 2 Part 6

20 New York (1609) Began as a Dutch colony
Grew very slowly (strict land ownership policies) English forced Peter Stuyvesant (Dutch governor) to give up land In 1664 English took over colony and renamed it after the Duke of York

21 New Jersey (1702) Also claimed by Duke of York
Tow of his friends settled there and it was split for them forming an east and a west New Jersey Came back together as one colony in 1702

22 Pennsylvania (1681) Given to William Penn by the King because the King owed him money Named Pennsylvania after Penn; means “Penn’s woods” Penn was a Quaker that believed in equality of all men and freedom to elect all public officials Philadelphia (located in Pennsylvania) became known as “the city of brotherly love”

23 Delaware Duke of York also gave William Penn Delaware
Gave Pennsylvania access to Atlantic Ocean Established as a separate colony; they however didn’t manage their own affairs until much later

24 Chapter 2 Part 7

25 The Colonies Grow Larger
Settlement of the thirteen colonies happened between Settlement was slow because of poor traveling conditions and Indians Settlers came from many different countries America became known as a place of safety and refuge Desire for freedom and success brought many people to America

26 Colonial Life Develops
Settlers were working hard to make a good life for themselves

27 Northern Colonies Small farms (rocky soil and long, cold winters
Successful occupations were: Ship building Lumbering Fishing Trading Iron works

28 Southern Colonies Plantations (very large farms) were very successful due to the warm climate, fertile soil, and broad lowlands Money crops were: Rice Tobacco indigo

29 Middle Colonies Mix of northern and southern conditions
Linked northern and southern colonies Grew lots of grains; became known as “bread basket”

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