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Vishal Korlipara.  Sorry for the extra company…. It won’t take any longer.

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1 Vishal Korlipara

2  Sorry for the extra company…. It won’t take any longer


4  Manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, and industrial gas turbines. The company is one of the few leading U.S. companies in an industry that competes globally from a principally domestic manufacturing base  Their Earnings Release is on this Thursday (1/26/2012) and investors seem bullish on this company  Undisputed leader in terms of revenue in industries such as construction  The company will be a prime beneficiary of increased domestic and international spending  Dividend= 1.7% Market Cap= $68.73 Billion  Sales in 2012 are expected to rise upwards of 20% and 80% of dealers in 2011 beat expectations by 10% at a minimum  Potential Downside:  Deere’s expansion might inhibit CAT’s demand in the foreign markets especially Singapore.  Caterpillar’s sales into the mining and oil and gas industries are highly dependent on the commodity markets where price and consumption trends drive investment 

5  Global conglomerate that designs, manufactures, and markets diverse lines of industrial and consumer products with five strategic platforms  Water and medical/dental platforms represent roughly 45% of the total revenue, and offer low-to-mid single-digit revenue growth  Strong balance sheet and strong FCF generation  The Danaher Business System (DBS) provides the Company a competitive advantage through process improvement, enhanced cash flow, and reduced cycle time  Management’s effort to make DHR’s business portfolio more diversified and less cyclical has reduced volatility  control of capital efficiency allowed the company to invest $750 million during the 2009 downturn in growth and to further remove structural costs  Acquisition of Beckman Coulter is furthering their ability for growth  Dividend= 0.20% Market Cap= $36.24B Earnings Release= January 31  Potential Downside:  Being able to properly integrate their new acquisitions  Stretching too far?  Possible inability to deliver operating improvements

6  ROP has grown its revenues, EBITDA, and EPS annually, driven by a mix of internal growth and acquisitions  ROP’s recent strategy: to deploy excess cash flow into secular growth businesses such as analytical instrumentation, Neptune, and Transcore  Positioned for Higher Growth: ROP has a proven record of acquiring niche, specialty engineered product businesses with solid growth opportunities, high margins, and strong free cash flow  TransCore is winning nearly all project bids with its next-generation eGo+ battery-free sticker tag  Neptune is a market leader that continues to gain shares with the rapid adoption of its new RF integrated water meter  Dividend=0.60% Market Cap= $9.17B  Earnings Release= February 2  Potential Downside:  The process control industry is highly competitive and competitors often target market share at the expense of margins thus could impact revenues and earnings in order to stay competitive  The company derives ~20% of its revenue from the oil and gas industry, which makes it vulnerable during a downturn in these markets

7  Global provider of technology products and services to the building systems and aerospace industries  Solid balance sheet and strong free cash flow are expected to support future acquisitions and provide financial flexibility  Construction activity in North America expected to drive demand for Carrier products  Acquisition of Linde and Kidde could “underpin” above-industry growth  Dividend= 2.50% Market Cap= $ 70.48B  Earnings Release is …. Tomorrow. Potential Downside:  Extended weakness in commercial aerospace is hurting related businesses  Commodity cost increases may put margin pressure on Carrier  Rising commodity prices particularly of copper and steel adversely affecting earnings

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