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Media Outreach: Taking Your Media Campaign to the Next Level.

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2 Media Outreach: Taking Your Media Campaign to the Next Level

3 Agenda Media Outreach and Strategy Year Long Media Outreach Planning Planning a Media Campaign on a Limited Budget Grantee: Lorie Mayer, Arizona Building Media Partnerships Year Long Media Plan Exercise Your Ideas…Q&A

4 Media Outreach and Strategy Determine your target audience — children, adults and opinion leaders Create messages that resonate with that audience Create a timeline based on what’s logical for your community Determine your budget Look for outreach opportunities around you Proactive vs. reactive outreach

5 Tailoring Your Outreach Consumer Outreach: Reaching Families –Drop-in articles –PSAs –Community calendar listings –TV/radio interviews –Feature articles (long-lead) –Events –Web content


7 Tailoring Your Outreach Opinion Leader Outreach: Reaching the Public Voice –Op-eds –Letters to the editor –Columnists –Public speaking opportunities –Media/desk-side briefings –Editorial boards

8 Editorial Boards What is an editorial board and why are they important? Requesting editorial board meetings Participating in an editorial board meeting Follow up

9 Editorial Boards Newspaper’s top editors Chooses the content for each issue Attracts opinion leaders Responsive to community issues Usually yields an on-message editorial


11 Timely/Seasonal Media Outreach Cold and flu Winter holidays Back-to-school season Economy/area layoffs New partnerships National stories Local activities - Cover the Uninsured Week


13 Year-Long Media Outreach

14 January – March Pitch potential media partners Media briefings Letters to the editor (cold and flu) Editorial boards Cover the Uninsured Week Planning

15 Year-Long Media Outreach April – June Community calendars Begin back-to-school season planning Op-ed (summer health) Long-lead regional magazines for Back-to- School PSAs for back-to-school season Cover the Uninsured Week

16 Year-Long Media Outreach July – September Back-to-school season plans and events U.S. Census numbers released Web content to media partners PSAs School and community newsletters

17 Year-Long Media Outreach October – December Letter to the editor (holidays) Op-ed (Thanksgiving and holiday season) School and community newspapers

18 Media Planning on a Limited Budget

19 Daybook Community sponsors Existing media vehicles

20 Media Outreach on a Limited Budget Pitching a daybook for event publicity AP publishes and updates event calendar Local, regional, state and national listings Trusted source in newsrooms Pitch is similar to event pitching ct.html


22 Media Planning on a Limited Budget Community Sponsors Donate space/services Pitch your coalition members’ media contacts Leverage their reputation

23 Media Planning on a Limited Budget Existing Media Vehicles Participate in established community events Present at community meetings that media attend Radio station sponsored community events Contribute to organization newsletters


25 Media Outreach on a Limited Budget Covering Kids & Families Tools Podium signs B-roll Action Kit Covering Kids & Families Message Strategy Toolkit Guide to Placing PSAs Covering Kids & Families PSAs Photo library

26 Lorie Mayer Children’s Action Alliance

27 Children's Action Alliance Philosophy and Work with Media How we like to work Why we do what we do? What have been the results of working this way?

28 How Have We Involved Our Coalition in Our Media Work? How has this approach expanded the reach of our campaign? What lessons have we learned?

29 Building a Media Partnership

30 What is a Media Partnership? Make your organization a credible source for information on the issue PSAs Web site content Spokespersons Internal briefings Participation on a Media Advisory Committee

31 Pitching a Media Partnership Memo and supporting materials Key points or messages Relevance Face-to-face meetings

32 Media Partnerships With Community Partners Community groups Schools Hospitals Professional organizations Local businesses – corporate sponsors

33 Media Partnerships With Corporate Partners Paid PSAs – CVS/pharmacy Match funds for advertising buy Earned media opportunity

34 Exercise: Writing Year- long Media Plans

35 Review the Goals of Your Coalition Think about events in your communities How can you engage local businesses and organizations over the entire year? Are there potential media partners to work with?

36 Writing Year Long Media Plans Exercise Review your scenario Establish goals Outline the details of the plan

37 Available Resources



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