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Sameness, Feeling and Emotions

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1 Sameness, Feeling and Emotions
Jennifer Hollfelder, Alyssa Pizzano, Emma Thayer, Danielle Swan

2 Sameness Relating to Sameness, Jonas and the Giver both have pale eyes although the rest of the community has darker eyes. This difference could be the cause of “seeing beyond.” For example, when Jonas first saw the apple change, he was unaware that he was perceiving the color red. This results in a distinct alteration in the Sameness of the community.

3 Analysis Therefore, as Jonas learns more about his past, he begins to realize how different their community was. The Giver explains that people had made a choice to go to Sameness. The Elders did away with colors and much more in the community. By doing this, they gained control over the citizens.

4 Sameness Similarly, the Giver explains that their society never truly conquered Sameness. The Elders assumed that if everyone was the same, conflict would be limited. An example of sameness is the inability to see colors. If everyone can’t see in color, they are all the same. Therefore, they would all be treated equally.

5 Analysis This could relate to past conflicts such as segregation when citizens were judged on their skin color and beliefs. If Jonas’s society masters the idea of sameness, conflicts similar to this will be eliminated. Sameness is different than our society because we have the freedom to make decisions. If everyone is the same, we would not be able to form a personality or opinion.

6 Feelings and Emotions In this community, feelings and emotions are closely monitored and controlled through the enforcement of precision of language. In the beginning of the story Jonas is contemplating his feelings toward the upcoming ceremony of the Twelve. Since he knows precision of language is very important in his community, he controls his emotions from being frightened to being apprehensive. In this community everyone and everything is controlled.

7 Analysis This controlling of feelings and emotions could relate to a dictator. This community basically doesn’t allow one to have their own feelings and emotions and controls them and enforces this by demanding precision of language. This is similar to a dictator controlling everything about everyone they have control over.

8 Feelings and Emotions Jonas has a difficult time dealing with all the emotions that come along with the memories he receives as the Receiver. He had really no experience with the feeling of pain like he did in some of his memories. All of this was new to him. And Jonas has no choice to take the memories, good and bad, and deal with them however he can, because he’s never felt this feelings before and he has no experience with them.

9 Analysis Jonas had never experienced anything so new and difficult before just like the tributes in the Hunger Games never experienced the feelings they felt while participating in the Hunger Games. Sometimes pain comes along with some of Jonas’ new memories much like immense pain comes along with the Hunger Games tributes. Jonas can’t decide that he doesn’t want this pain or sadness he was chosen to be the receiver just as the Hunger Games tributes have no choice but to endure the pain once they are chosen to compete in the Hunger Games.

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