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Web-based Theological Distance Education  P.O. Box 284  7460 AG Rijssen (Netherlands)  +31 (0)6-29332873 Rabobank 1269.30.619  KvK.

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Presentation on theme: "Web-based Theological Distance Education  P.O. Box 284  7460 AG Rijssen (Netherlands)  +31 (0)6-29332873 Rabobank 1269.30.619  KvK."— Presentation transcript:

1 Web-based Theological Distance Education  P.O. Box 284  7460 AG Rijssen (Netherlands)  +31 (0)6-29332873 Rabobank 1269.30.619  KvK 09163429

2 Trends in higher education Virtualization (use of internet technology) Lifelong learning Personalization & Flexibility Competence-based learning Globalization (partnerships, contents brokers, virtual universities, new markets & research)

3 Opportunity or Threat Characteristics of theological institutes: Limited use or vision with respect to educational tecnology Few “global” students Traditional (old fashioned) curriculum Financial limitations Isolated position in relationship to other theological instititutes

4 Our Objectives To promote internationally oriented (long- distance) theological education This also includes: Sharing knowledge and experience with NET participants regarding digital distance learning. Contributing towards the transmission of the Christian faith and the spiritual legacy. Advancing the global cooperation between missionary and theological educational institutes.

5 Our positioning: Theological Institutes Missionary organizations Technology LMS & Web 2.0 Communities of Practice

6 Four products: NET offers educational technology (LMS and others) through which long-distance education can be provided, and local as well as international communities of practice can be formed NET gives advices and offers customized training for implementing distance learning and its effects on your organization NET initiates, coordinates and financially supports international projects on the design and development of digital educational learning materials NET aims to start with the development of a database containing a detailed oversight of global learning opportunities in theology

7 Technological Developments

8 NET Technology

9 Web-based Technology It’s Learning Virtual learning management system Communication and collaboration Integrated video & audio applications Educator Focus on educational logistics Design tool for flexible educational catalog Individual study paths and assessments

10 Learning & web use Learning Information Learning Support Digital Learning Blended Learning Distance Learning Publication and organization Communication and mentoring Lectures and resources Assignments and collaboration Self-study and testing

11 Its Learning



14 Edcuator

15 Educator


17 Flexibility: learner choice… Related to time –Course, assignments and assessment dates –Tempo of studying Related to content –Topics and sequence of course parts –Types and orientation (T/P) of key learning materials Related to instruction –Social organization (F2F, group, individual) –Learning resources and language Related to logistics –Time and location of contacts –Technology for communication and support

18 Implementation of Technology: 4-E model Educational Effectiveness Ease of useEngagement3-E vector sum Environment 1 Environment 2 Success Collis and Moonen, 2001

19 Pedagogy: making the U-turn Primarily Acquisition Primarily Contribution Less flexibility More flexibility III IVIII Collis and Moonen, 2001

20 Transformation Model Apoyo Directiva (visión, prioridad, recursos) recursos)CapacitaciónprofesionalInfraestructura (Internet, hardware, software)BasicConditions Información general consistente & uniformeIntroducción: tema, alumnos, profesor Pedagogía & papeles del alumno y del profesor CoursePreparation Componentes por tema, feedback, reuniones, capítulos AprendizajeCombinada (min. 2 reuniones) AIME: atractiva, interacción, motivación evaluación (FS) Course Structure Capacitación del alumno y personalización Relación entre entorno virtual y reuniones y reuniones Protocolo de ComunicaciónCourseExecution

21 Whom do we serve? Theological and missionary organizations that: Provide Biblical Reformed Evangelical education or local initiatives for that. Have limited financial means and possibilities. Accept technology as a challenge to expand their own curriculum in quality and quantity. Demonstrate commitment to the necessity of global theological support.

22 Formal partners

23 Summarized: Bridging Theology and Technology Innovating Theology by Technology Extending Theology towards new Areas  P.O. Box 284  7460 AG Rijssen (Netherlands)  +31 (0)6-29332873 Rabobank 1269.30.619  KvK 09163429

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