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Electrical Safety Review Compliance Assistance Region IV.

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2 Electrical Safety Review Compliance Assistance Region IV

3 What is Electricity?  Electricity is the movement of electrons.  Fundamental quantities include:  Volts  Current  Resistance

4 Common Hazards SShocks. BBurns. EExplosions. FFires.

5 Electricity and the Human Body  ~1ma:Sensation on hands.  >3ma:Painful shock which can cause indirect accidents.  >10ma:Muscle contraction, “no-let-go” danger.  >30ma:Lung paralysis  >50ma:Possible ventricular fibrillation.  100ma - 4A: Certain ventricular fibrillation

6 Protective Triangle Keep Away Grounding GFCI

7 Electrocution Triangle Electricity Path Time

8 Fatality An employee received a fatal electric shock while operating a high pressure water sprayer which was connected to a portable light with a receptacle built into the handle. The portable light was being used as an extension cord, and was not approved for wet or damp locations. The electrical cord had been spliced and the cord had been laying in water at the time of the accident.

9 Fatality

10 Commonly Cited Violations  1910.305(b)(1):Unused openings  1910.303(g)(2):Exposed live parts  1910.305(b)(2):Missing covers  1910.304(f):Defective Ground  1910.305(g)(1)(iii): Prohibited uses of flexible cords.

11 Commonly Cited Violations  1910.303(f): Unlabeled disconnects  1910.305(g)(2)(iii): Strain relief  1910.303(b)(2):Listed & labeled  1910.303(b)(1):General Duty Clause  1910.303(g)(1):Access & working space.

12 Blocked Electrical Panels

13 Strain on Conductors

14 Inadequate Strain Relief on Cord

15 Exposed Live Parts Employee’s cap is hung on power strip energized to 120VAC

16 Exposed Live Parts

17 Exposed live parts Missing breakers inside of circuit breaker panel

18 Ungrounded Cords Ground pin missing on extension cord

19 Damaged Faceplate

20 Utility Boxes Utility boxes are not approved for usage as extension cords.

21 Receptacles in Wet Locations Receptacles in wet or damp locations need covers.

22 Receptacles in Wet Locations Receptacles in wet or damp locations need covers.

23 Damaged Faceplate

24 Portable Electric Tools  Inspect before usage.  Remove from service tools with damaged cords.  Use grounded or double insulated tools.  Check continuity of tool.

25 Hazard Assessment Employers are required to assess the workplace to determine if hazards that require the use of personal protective equipment are present or are likely to be present.

26 Personal Protective Equipment  Head protection - overhead hazards  Eye protection - grinding, chipping, or sawing operations.  Hearing protection - noisy environments  Respiratory protection - exposure levels exceed permissible exposure limits.  Foot protection - falling, rolling, or sharp object.

27 Rubber Gloves  Must be air tested daily before usage.  Must be electrically tested every 6 months or replaced.  Before issuance gloves may be stored for up to 1 year without being tested.

28 Wrapping It Up Education and training without follow-up and enforcement, is INEFFECTIVE

29 Region IV - OSHA

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