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LYU0101 Wireless Digital Library on PDA Lam Yee Gordon Yeung Kam Wah Supervisor Prof. Michael Lyu First semester FYP Presentation 2001~2002.

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1 LYU0101 Wireless Digital Library on PDA Lam Yee Gordon Yeung Kam Wah Supervisor Prof. Michael Lyu First semester FYP Presentation 2001~2002

2 Overview Introduction The trial application System design Work done Future work

3 Introduction Mobile Technology develop rapidly PDA become cheaper and more powerful Wireless communication Wireless LAN / BlueTooth 3G Demand on Information/services increase IBM estimates market for mobile services equals to $30.5 billion by 2003

4 Information related to client ’ s location Search function Support multimedia content Wireless Digital Video Library on PDA

5 Usage Shopping guild in a Shopping Mall Information search in an Exhibition Showing vacancy in a Car Park Digital video Library client

6 Requirement of Hardware

7 Pocket PC vs Palm OS as our developing Platform Pocket PC have better support in Internet Multi-Media Performance processing power of Pocket PC is higher than Palm OS nowaday

8 Comparison

9 Both technology can give high speed data transfer rate to mobile devices, allowing video, audio and other applications. 3G is the Third Generation standard for mobile multimedia, speed varies from 144 kbps to 2Mbps Bluetooth provide a short-range communications standard allowing wireless data communications at ranges of about 10 meters, with low cost and low power consumption. 3G and Bluetooth

10 Screen shots

11 First Trial Application

12 Our first application use a web base approach, which supports: (1) Searching of key word in news report (2) Display of the main frame as the search result (3) Have a abstracts and key frame of each news report (4) Have a news report reading mode (5) Have Video Steaming on news report Introduction of First Trial Application

13 Screen shots

14 Architecture of First Application

15 It has low extensibility. Its functionality is limit by the power of Pocket IE. Sequential search is used to search the key words in the news files Limitation in our First Application (I)

16 Changing in format of display for the information needs to have an overall change of Server part. Maintenance on the Application become difficult. Playing of video need to jump out our Application, and we can ’ t control on the playing of it Limitation in our First Application (II)

17 Use XML as the primary data format (vs. use a fixed self-defined data format) Use XSL with XSLT as method for translation of XML data into a format for presentation (vs. use a CGI program) Use XHTML as media for presenting the information (vs. use HTML) Idea to overcome the limitation (I)

18 Storage of XML in Database (vs. storing XML as file) Study Indexing Technique in order to have better searching performance to retrieve the information in XML (vs. sequential search in data file) Use Embedded Visual C++ with Win32 to build our application (vs. use Pocket IE) Idea to overcome the limitation (II)

19 To give our user a feasible and extensible way to design the data structure Changing the structure of the data or adding new data structure will not affect our whole system process on the data Use together with XSL and XSLT to generate XHTML, which can: give the user a feasible way to design Have changes on format of display will not affect the design of our whole system Reason of Using XML

20 Provide a standard and powerful way to transform from XML format data to another informative Formal Give our user a feasible and extensible way to design the presentation of their own data Change or define a new way to present XML data will not affect our whole system processing on it. Maintenance becomes easier Reason of Using XSL and XSLT

21 Both of them can be the product after XSLT, and can be just browse on nowadays browsers. Parsing of them will be much more efficient than man-made HTML, which is more suitable for PDA browser Good for future development of the HTML- based browsers, as new features can be standardize by the XSL Reason of Using XHTML and XHTML base

22 Database provides us many useful services, e.g. building different kinds of indexing on data, concurrency control, recoverability of data, etc. Our application really need an database in order to have fast information retrieve Reason of Storing XML in Database

23 Design on our Application

24 System Design

25 Server XML format data store in Database Format the query result using XSL Client Display information Send user request to server Network TCP/IP HTTP System Design

26 Why using TCP/IP and HTTP Well supported Likely supported by new wireless technology Compatible with existing hardware and network

27 Five main modules: XML manager XSL manager Search Engine Output Format manager Main Co-operator Server Side Design

28 two main functions: convert XML into Database reproduce XML from Database XML manager

29 How to convert XML into Database (I) We can treat an XML Document as a Tree Each Tree node will be have (1) attributes, (2) child nodes We will assign an unique ID to each Tree node A Tree node can be (1) tag, (2) attribute ’ s name, (3) data (including attribute ’ s value)

30 How to convert XML into Database (II) There will be one main schema in the Database that for store up the XML Tree_Node= (Parent ID, NodeID, Type, Value) Type can be (1) tag, (2) attribute, (3) data Value can be (1) tag name, (2) attribute ’ s name, (3) attribute ’ s value, (4) data

31 Example of converting an XML document into Database (I) A very simple XML document: aShop

32 ParentIDNodeIDTypeValue Null0tagShopping Mall 01tagShop 12attributeshop_no 23data001 14tagname 45dataaShop Example of converting an XML document into Database (II) Result in Database: Table of Tree Node

33 More (1) Searching (2) Modification or (3) Deletion of a tree node and its child nodes or (4) reproduce XML in certain tree level can be done by recursive function The NodeID is very helpful in such recursion function

34 XSL manager Two main functions: Control the access of XSL program in database remember the template of each XSL program and the depth of tree level access at that template for Output Format manager to find a suitable XSL program to translate the XML in search result (each XSL program have templates to state which XML ’ s tree node data are operated on)

35 Search Engine As an Information retrieve system, we need to perform searching on XML Data Search Engine builds index on (1) tag, (2) attribute ‘ s name and value, (3) Data Search result will be a list of nodeID Building index and searching Techniques need to have further study

36 Output Format manager Co-operate with XML Manager, Search Engine and XSL manager, through XSLT to produce final output It will perform the following operation: get the list of nodeID of search result from the Search Engine for each of nodeID, find whether there is suitable XSL program from XSL manager for translation do post-reformatting to all the result of translation

37 Main Co-operator Three main functions: Receive request from PDA client Co-operate with other module to generate result pages Send out the result to PDA client

38 Client Side Design Pocket PC client The four main component Control component HTML viewer Video window Image window

39 Client Side Design Control Component HTML viewer Image viewer Video/audio player Server

40 Client Side Design HTML viewer Using system provided DLL Use as a interface interact with user User action messages will pass control component Customize some HTML events for our own use

41 Client Side Design Video/Audio window Using system provide COM object Using to display video to user Image window Using to display image Specify to display map like image Not yet implemented

42 Client Side Design Why using system provide components Limited storage memory 32Mb memory to store data and programs The components is optimized Why using HTML viewer as interface HTML is well developed Provide feasible interface design to server

43 Client Side Screenshot


45 Work done and Future Work

46 Work done Study on PDA/Wireless communication Build a trial application on Pocket PC Design the system architecture Build the Pocket PC Client

47 Future Work Continue implement the Pocket PC client Build the server Study search technique


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