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¿Como te llamas? Chapter 1.

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1 ¿Como te llamas? Chapter 1

2 ¿Como te llamas? “Como te llamas,” this means, “What's your name?”
To answer this question in spanish, you would say, “Me llamo ______(Your name here) Example of this used in a conversation: “¡Hola! ¿Como te llamas?” next person speaks, “Me llamo raul.”

3 ¿De dónde eres? “¿De dónde eres?” means where you are from in spanish.
To answer this question, you would say “ Soy de_____(Where you are from here) Example of a conversation: “¡Hola! ¿De dónde eres?” Next person “Soy de Marionville.”

4 Saludos y despedidas “Saludos y despedidas”, greetings and goodbyes, in spanish (Greetings) (Goodbyes) Hola Buenos tardes Buenos noches Adiós Hasta luego Hasta manana Example of greetings: “¡Hola, Jose! Example of goodbyes: “¡Hasta luego, jose! In the a lot of places that speak Spanish, people a very hands on with their greetings. A lot of time there is hugging and hand shaking involved with there greetings.

5 ¿Que hora es? “Que hora es” this means, what time is it in spanish.
If the minutes is over 30, then you would say,” Son las cuatro menos diez( 3:50.)” You are subtracting to get to the time, so if it was 3:50 , you are basically saying 4:00 subtracted by 10 minutes. Though, if the upcoming hour is one, then you would say, “Es la una menos ______ (up minutes till one.) If the minutes is less than 30, you would us, “Son las _____ ( hour) y ______ ( minutes.)” If it is one, then you would say,” Es la una y _____(Minutes.)” Example: “¿ Que hora es?” Next person talking, “Son las cuatro y cinco(4:05)” Next Example: “¿ Que hora es?” next person talking, “ Es la una menos veinte( 12:40)

6 Definite and indefinite articles
El (Masculine the) La (Feminine the) Indefinite articles Un (Masculine the) Una (Feminine the) Unos (Masculine the, plural) Unas (Feminine the, plural) Definite and indefinite articles

7 Spanish Birthday Is Spanish culture, a girls 15th birthday is a very important even. They call this a Quinceañera. They celebrate a girls 15th birthday so highly because they see it as the passage into womanhood. These events usually are full of dancing and have tons of presents for the girl. A boys 15th birthday isn't as highly celebrated as a girls, but I can see them as being almost like a normal birthday in America.

8 10 wonders of the Spanish speaking world
La Catedral en Sevilla, Espana. The biggest gothic building in Europe. Guinea Ecuatorial. One of the most humid countries on the planet. Ojos de Salado, Argentina. The highest active volcano on the planet El desierto de Atacama, Chile. The most arid desert on the planet. La Paz, Bolivia. The highest (altitude) capital city on the planet. Cuzco, Peru. The oldest continually inhabited city on the continent. El Salto del Angel, Venezuela. The tallest waterfall on the planet Granada, Nicaragua. The oldest colonial city in Central America. La piramide Quetzacoatl, Cholula, Mexico. The biggest pyramid on the planet. La Unversidad Autonoma de Santa Domingo, La Republica Dominicana. The oldest university of the americas.

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