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University Surveys and Assessments Department Chair and Dean Retreat.

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1 University Surveys and Assessments Department Chair and Dean Retreat

2 Faculty and Staff Surveys COACHE (Harvard)—Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education Great Colleges to Work For (Chronicle) Commission on Black Faculty and Staff Survey Staff Survey

3 COACHE Where Clemson is ahead of other universities – Clarity of the tenure process—expectations, process, criteria – Clarity of the expectations for performance as a teacher – Satisfaction with professional interaction with peers – Satisfaction with how well faculty “fit” in the department

4 COACHE Where Clemson is below – Professional interaction with senior faculty – Clarity of their own prospects for earning tenure – Satisfaction with the number of courses taught – Lack of Child Care – Lack of spousal hiring policies – Quality of graduate students

5 Great Colleges 2010 Third year to participate – Selected as a “great” college in 2008 in shared governance Detailed report with break downs will not be received until September Broad overview provided with the publication of the Honor Colleges and Universities

6 Great Colleges Categories Ranked Good (we had no very good or excellent areas) – Job Satisfaction/support – Professional Development – Facilities – Pride

7 Great Colleges Categories in the Yellow (area of concern; note we had no red categories, the worse) – Senior leadership – Faculty, Administration, and Staff Relations – Communication – Collaboration – Fairness

8 Student Surveys ETS Proficiency Profile (formerly MAPP) Alumni Surveys (one year/three year) Non-returning Student Survey Student Satisfaction Survey National Survey of Student Engagement Core Alcohol and Drug Survey

9 Department Specific Surveys CCIT Electrical and Computer Engineering General Counsel PEER-WISE Disability Services HEHD Advising Housing Focus Groups (ex: Food Science graduates)

10 Assessment Goals Share data with you annually College and department use the data in making decisions Collect value added data

11 ETS Proficiency--Freshmen Scores Possible RangeMean Score 95% Confidence Limits* for Mean Standard Deviation 25th Percentile 50th Percentile 75th Percentile Total Score400 to 500450.69449 to 45216.96439449464 Skills Sub scores: Critical Thinking100 to 130112.81112 to 1145.73108111116 Reading100 to 130119.74119 to 1216.1116121124 Writing100 to 130115.96115 to 1174.55113117120 Mathemati cs100 to 130115.42115 to 1165.32111115119 Context-Based Sub scores: Humanities100 to 130116.19115 to 1176.28111117122 Social Sciences100 to 130114.37113 to 1155.34111114119 Natural Sciences 100 to 130116.82116 to 1185.01113117121

12 Freshmen Skill Dimension Proficiency Classification ProficientMarginalNot Proficient Reading, Level 176%16%8% Reading, Level 246%23%31% Critical Thinking7%19%74% Writing, Level 178%16%6% Writing, Level 230%40%31% Writing, Level 312%37%51% Mathematics, Level 176%16%8% Mathematics, Level 241%33%26% Mathematics, Level 39%25%65%

13 Seniors Possible Range Mean Score 95% Confidence Limits* for Mean Standard Deviation 25th Percentile 50th Percentile 75th Percentile Total Score400 to 500459.23458 to 46119.05443457474 Skills Sub scores: Critical Thinking 100 to 130115.09114 to 1166.54110115120 Reading100 to 130121.37120 to 1225.82118121126 Writing100 to 130116.68116 to 1184.38114117120 Mathematics 100 to 130118.67118 to 1205.94115119123 Context-Based Sub scores: Humanities100 to 130117.48116 to 1186.45112117124 Social Sciences 100 to 130116.82116 to 1185.84113116120 Natural Sciences 100 to 130118.02117 to 1195.12114118121

14 Seniors Skill DimensionProficiency Classification ProficientMarginalNot Proficient Reading, Level 184%11%5% Reading, Level 259%19%23% Critical Thinking17%25%58% Writing, Level 181%18%1% Writing, Level 237% 26% Writing, Level 317%38%45% Mathematics, Level 187%9%4% Mathematics, Level 264%24%12% Mathematics, Level 329%32%40%

15 Alumni Surveys Opportunity for undergraduate research/CI Response Mean Response Median Response Mode(s) Standard Deviation Valid Responses CU3.754.0041.06317 CAFLS3.804.0041.1041 Dept 1 3.804.0041.105 Dept 2 3.503.0031.236 Dept 3 3.904.0041.2010 Dept 4 4.00 3, 51.412 Dept 5 3.674.003, 4, 51.533 Dept 6 5.00 50.003 Dept 7 3.00 30.002

16 NSSE 91% of seniors at Clemson report that “if they could start over again” they would choose Clemson; compared to 88% at our peer and Top 20 institutions and 83% at Carnegie peer institutions. Freshmen at Clemson agree with seniors. 93% of our freshmen would choose Clemson if they could start over again, compared to 92% at peer and 90% at Top 20 institutions, and 85% at Carnegie institutions.

17 NSSE “Entire educational experience” – 95% of freshmen responded excellent/good; compared to 91% at peer and Top 20 and 87% at Carnegie institutions. – 94% of Clemson seniors responded excellent/good. The response at peer and Top 20 institutions is 90% and at Carnegie institutions 85%.

18 NSSE Freshmen trends

19 NSSE Findings CLASS PREPARATION – Students are statistically less prepared for class; they come to class without completing readings or assignments – Freshmen score lower in attending art exhibits, gallery, play, dance, or other theatre productions – Dissatisfaction is significant with graduate teaching assistants.

20 NSSE--Improvement DIVERSITY – Students report lower inclusion of diverse perspectives in class discussions and writing assignments (trend is moving in right direction) – Students report that the environment does encourage contact among students from diverse backgrounds, but students do not report the interactions taking place

21 NSSE and SSI Findings ADVISING – Mixed results are presented regarding the effectiveness of advising. NSSE results show that 70-80% of students rate the advising as good to excellent, but on the Student Satisfaction Survey only the gap between the importance of advising and satisfaction with advising was significant (1.14; third highest gap). Of particular concern is advising related to curriculum planning. – Only 14% of freshmen and 25% of seniors believe the faculty is available, helpful or sympathetic. – Students are dissatisfied with the protection of freedom of expression, commitment to racial harmony, disciplinary procedures, and the student handbook. – Registration effectiveness is an area for concern. The gap between importance and satisfaction was (1.23), the second highest.

22 NSSE and SSI Findings CAMPUS CLIMATE – Only 10% of freshmen and 16% of seniors believe the staff is helpful, considerate, or flexible. – Campus safety has the largest gap (1.76) between importance and satisfaction. The areas included parking (gap of 3.62), lighting of parking lots (gap 1.22), and security response time (gap 1.20).

23 NSSE Adding additional analysis by broad disciplines

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