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第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒. 你认为石头剪子布是很幼稚的游戏 ? 该换换脑筋啦! Let’s Play Rock-Paper- Scissors !

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Presentation on theme: "第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒. 你认为石头剪子布是很幼稚的游戏 ? 该换换脑筋啦! Let’s Play Rock-Paper- Scissors !"— Presentation transcript:

1 第 3 版 Mini-world 万花筒

2 你认为石头剪子布是很幼稚的游戏 ? 该换换脑筋啦! Let’s Play Rock-Paper- Scissors !

3 Do you think rock-paper-scissors is a children’s game? It’s also a world competition! Every year, top players from around the world get together to compete in the RPS World Championships ( 石头剪子布 世锦赛 ). Players smack their fists into their palms and count to three before making one of the three hand signs: a fist (rock), flat hand (paper) or two fingers (scissors). The rule is: paper covers rock, rock breaks scissors and scissors cut paper.

4 The World RPS Society ( 国际石头剪子布协会 ) was founded in England in 1842. Now there are hundreds of thousands of members in it. So join the society first, then you may make a name for yourself (and much money) during the RPS World Championships.

5 Meaning: not wearing any clothes 光着身子 Story: 单词 birthday 通常表示 “ 生日 ” 的意思,如: birthday card ( 生日贺卡 ) 、 birthday present ( 生日礼物 ) 等。但是, birthday 在词组 birthday suit 中表示的是 “ 出生,诞生日 ” 的意思。呱呱 坠地的婴儿当然是不穿衣服的, 因而 in one’s birthday suit 即 为 “ 光着身子 ” 的意思。 Example: He bathed in his birthday suit. 我们光着身子 洗澡。 in one’s birthday suit

6 Word Bank 超纲词汇 competition /;k^mp='tI5n/ n. 比 赛,竞赛 compete /k=m'pi:t/ v. 竞争 fist /fIst/ n. 拳头 rule /ru:l/ n. 规则 cover /'k2v=/ v. 覆盖 found /faUnd/ v. 成立,创建 member /'memb=/ n. 成员 during /'djU=rI9/ prep. 在 …… 期 间

7 play rock-paper-scissors 玩石头剪子布 top player 顶级玩家 smack one’s fist into one’s palm 把拳头握在手掌中 flat hand 摊开的手掌 hundreds of thousands of 几十万 make a name 成名

8 第 4-5 版 Super Classroom 超级课堂

9 M&M’s 巧克力豆华丽丽地登场啦!只不过,它们不是普通 的发言人 spokesmen ,而是五颜六色的 spokescandies ! Listen, M&M’s Spokescandies Are Speaking!

10 “Everything is under control.” He’s the leader, or so he thinks. He’s all chocolate. He’s perfect! He has a clever mind and a strong body. “Inside everyone there’s a little nut.” He may be a nut, but he’s sweet. He’s in touch with his inner child. He smiles and sees the good in everything.

11 “I’m a dead man.” Stress makes him look older than he is. He doesn’t eat or sleep. He thinks everyone is after him, and he’s right. “I melt for no one.” Words can’t describe her beauty. She is stunning. She likes candlelit dinners... in Paris! Find out more about her if you can!

12 “Never let them see you melt.” He keeps fit and likes being cool. Moon and jazz turn him on while squares turn him off.

13 “The fact is: it doesn’t get better than the original.” At last, Ms Brown, the CCO (Chief Chocolate Official 首席巧克力官 ) of M&M’s, unveils her look in glasses, gloves and high heels.

14 如果真有一座冰淇淋水上乐园,那该多好啊! Ice Cream Water Park An ice cream water park! It is as yummy as can be. Everyone wants to go to it, Because they want to come, And swim and eat ice cream. Yum, yum! Can you think about it? There are fudge water slides, And the water is made out of, milk shakes, nuts and cherries. If it was real, I wish I could be at it right now!

15 我的甜食清单。 Sweets and Treats chocolate bar 巧克力条 lollipop 棒棒糖

16 tart 果馅饼 cookie 曲奇饼 milk shake 奶昔 cupcake 纸杯蛋糕

17 讲学指导 M&M’s Quotes Red: Everything is under control. 一切尽在掌握。 Orange: I’m a dead man. 我要死了,我有大麻烦了。 Yellow: Inside everyone there’s a little nut. 每个人的心底都会有点小疯狂。 名词 nut 既指 “ 坚果 ” ,也指 “ 疯子 ” 。

18 Green: I melt for no one. 我不为任何人所动。 动词 melt 既指 “ 融化 ” ,也指 “( 感情 ) 软化 ” 。 Blue: Never let them see you melt. 千万别让他人看见你心软。 Brown: The fact is: it doesn’t get better than the original. 事实就是:有些东西还是原来的好。

19 Quiz 请根据文章 Listen, M&M’s Spokescandies Are Speaking! 的内容,将以下这些话语的字母填入对应颜色的巧克力豆旁. A. My best friend is Red. He knows a lot. B. I often look over my shoulder ( 小心提防 ). You say I’m funny? C. I hate squares. They never keep fit so they become squares. D. Would you like to invite me to a candlelit dinner? E. I have a genius ( 天才 ) I.Q. Also I’m good at sports. Red: ________ Yellow: ________ Green: ________ Orange: ________ Blue: ________ E A D B C

20 第 6 版 Playground 英语操练场

21 虽然英语中并不存在真正的 “ 量词 ” ,但我们能用 一些名词来限定某些不可数名词的数量。 Measure Words (I) a drop of watera cup of coffee a glass of juice a bar of chocolate

22 a roll of newspaper a piece of paper a gust of wind a loaf of bread

23 Little Boy Blue Little boy Blue, Come blow your horn. The sheep’s in the meadow. The cow’s in the corn. Where’s the little boy, That looks after the sheep? He’s under a haycock, Fast asleep!

24 Get off your high horse! 十四世纪的时候,王公贵族常会骑着高头大马招摇 过市,所以 high horse 在当时成为了显赫的代名词。虽然 随着时间的流逝,马在人们日常生活中的作用越来越小, 短语 high horse 还是作为 “ 傲慢,趾高气扬 ” 的意思被流传下 来。而 get off your high horse 则表示 “ 别摆架子了 ” 、 “ 别再 盛气凌人 ” 的意思。 Sophie: Get off your high horse! You can’t be right all the time. Bob: Well, but I think I’m right this time.

25 Word Bank 超纲词汇 measure /'me3=/ n. 量度 drop /dr^p/ n. ( 液体 ) 滴,珠 roll /r=Ul/ n. 卷 gust /G2st/ n. 突然一阵 horn /h6:n/ n. 喇叭,号角 meadow /'med=U/ n. 草地, 牧场 haycock /'heIk^k/ n. ( 圆锥形的 ) 干草堆

26 look after 照料,看管 fast asleep 酣睡,熟睡

27 第 7 版 Story Zone 故事地带

28 该如何摆脱讨厌的蒂龙呢 ? 博兰的朋友特里建议他拉拢蒂龙成为朋友。 Tyrone the Horrible (II) Boland’s friend Terry tried to help. “You have to get Tyrone to be your friend,” said Terry. “Give him a gift and show him you care.”

29 Boland thought for a while. What gift could he give Tyrone? Then he remembered how Tyrone was always taking his sandwiches. “Well, at least it’s worth a try,” he said. That afternoon, Boland went looking for Tyrone. “Here,” he said in his friendliest voice. “It’s very hot today. I thought you might like a nice ice cream cone.” Tyrone looked at Boland for a moment. Then he smiled a nasty smile. “Ice cream for me? How sweet!” he said.

30 horrible /'h^r=bl/ adj. 可怕的, 讨厌的 care /ke=/ v. 关心,在乎 remember /rI'memb=/ v. 记 得,想起 worth /w+:0/ adj. 值得的 friendly /'frendlI/ adj. 友好 的,友善的, 形容词 friendliest 是 friendly 的最高级 might /maIt/ modal v. 可能,也 许 Word Bank 超纲词汇

31 nasty /'n1:stI/ adj. 令人厌恶的 have to 必须 for a while/for a moment 片刻,一会儿 at least 至少 look for 寻找 ice cream cone 甜筒冰激凌

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