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What factors caused the growth of industry in general?

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1 What factors caused the growth of industry in general?
Access to raw materials and energy Availability of work force (immigrants) Inventions Financial resources

2 How did industrialization and the rise in big business influence life on American farms?
Mechanization (e.g., the reaper) had reduced farm labor needs and increased production. Industrialization provided access to consumer goods (e.g., mail order) From farming to industrial America

3 What industries boomed due to the railroad?
coal lumber steel

4 What were the outcomes of industrial and railroad growth?
Travel quicker and safer Ship goods across nation Jobs for immigrants Industries grew

5 Where were the car, meat and steel industries?
Cars-Detroit, Michigan Meat-Chicago, Illinois Steel-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

6 What did George Westinghouse invent?
George Westinghouse invented the airbrake

7 What did Eli Janney invent?
Eli Janney invented the car coupler

8 What did Gustuvus Swift invent?
Gustuvus Swift invented the refrigerated train car

9 What did Pullman invent?
Pullman invented the sleeping car for trains

10 Why was the air brake an important invention?
Air brake-made stopping the train safer

11 Why was the car coupler an important invention?
Car coupler-made connecting the train cars safer

12 Why was the refrigerated train car an important invention?
Refrigerated train car-made it safe to transport fresh meat

13 Why was the sleeping car an important invention?
Sleeping car-made it a more comfortable railroad trip

14 What did Samuel Morse invent?
Samuel Morse- telegraph

15 What did Alexander Graham Bell invent?

16 What did Thomas Edison invent?
Thomas Edison-light bulb, phonograph

17 What did Henry Ford invent?
Henry Ford-Model T Ford

18 What does consolidation mean?
Consolidation-making lots of small companies into one big powerful company

19 Who was a railroad baron and what does that mean?
Cornelius Vanderbilt controlled the railroads

20 What is a time zone and why were they created?
Time zones divide the country into their own times-they were created by the railroad companies so that train schedules would match across the country

21 Why was the Model T so important?
Henry Ford made it possible for most people to buy a car.

22 Who was Andrew Carnegie?
Andrew Carnegie-made his money in steel-company called Carnegie Steel Company-vertical integration-used the Bessemer process

23 Who was John D. Rockefeller?
John D. Rockefeller-made his money in oil, company called Standard Oil, used horizontal integration

24 What is a philanthropist and who is a famous one during this time?
Philanthropist-person who give lots of money to charity Andrew Carnegie!!!-libraries

25 What was the Bessemer process?
Bessemer process-easy and cheap way to make steel

26 What was vertical integration?
Vertical integration-buying and controlling all the businesses it takes to make and sell one product (for coal-buying mines, warehouses, ships, railroads)

27 What was horizontal integration?
Horizontal integration-combining all the companies making a product into one big company

28 Monopoly-total control over an industry
  What was a monopoly?   Monopoly-total control over an industry

29 What was an assembly line?
Assembly line-when each worker performed the same job over and over again—all the parts created a product quickly and cheaply

30 What is mass production?
Mass production-making large numbers of products very quickly-made products for very cheap for the consumer

31   What were the working conditions on the assembly line and in the factories?  
Dark, boring, loud, stressful, too cold or too hot, dangerous, and you could lose your job easily

32 Why were labor unions formed?
labor unions fought for worker rights

33 Strikes-when people stop working and picket in front of the business
  What were strikes?   Strikes-when people stop working and picket in front of the business

34 Why didn’t strikes work very well?
Other people would take their jobs, could turn violent

35 What was collective bargaining?
Collective bargaining-when both sides come to an agreement so they feel like they are getting something in the deal

36 What was the American Federation of Labor?
AFL-lead by Samuel Gompers-only accepted skilled workers

37 What did the labor unions fight for?
shorter hours, better working conditions, higher wages (more money)

38 What was the Homestead Strike?
Homestead Strike-at Carnegie’s steel mill, failed when company hired non-union workers

39 What was the Pullman Strike?
Pullman Strike-at Pullman’s railway plant, failed

40 Who were the workers in these factories?
immigrants and children

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