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Collection and Service of CADAL Project Huang Chen Zhejiang Uni. Libraries ALA.

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1 Collection and Service of CADAL Project Huang Chen ( Zhejiang Uni. Libraries 2009.7 @ ALA

2 Outline Overview Partners Collections Project Phase II

3 China Academic Digital Associative Library – Joint project among Universities and institutes in China and USA, funded by the Ministry of Education of China (MOE) and Nature Science Foundation of USA (NSF) in Phase I. – The objective is to build a state of the art academic digital library Multiple disciplines Multilingual support Wide range of media Joint efforts libraries, academic associations, and domain experts in China and internationally Overview

4 Project construction period – Phase I 1 million piece of resources added 70M Yuan funded by China government; 2M US Dollar from U.S. partners. Completed in the 10th five-year plan. – Phase II Adding 1.5 million new items Government funded digital library service central in Zhejiang University. Offer digital security and global service. Receiving government funding 150M and expect to implement in 3 to 5 years – Phase III Adding more digital resources Resource integration through knowledge restructure and information innovation a comprehensive architecture for resource collection, reorganization, innovation, on-demand distribution and personalized service Overview

5 Overview · Phase I $ 10,000,000 from China Government $ 200,000 from U.S. partners Built – 16 Centers in China – 15 Centers in India – 1 Center in Egypt – Planned : Australia and Europe

6 Overview · Phase I About 1,023,425 books scanned – 872,318 volumes of Chinese books and materials – 151,107 volumes of English books – About 960,000+ accessible on the web – Uses 50TB of storage for web service

7 Technical support – Improve the performance of the portal and provide personalized service, and now 300,000 click and 3681 volumes / 149,672 pages download per day. – Develop search engines that retrieve ancient books, MinGuo collections, degree dissertations, modern academic monographs, painting and video parallel. – Provide support for Confucius Institute based on the reconstruction of the digital resources of CADAL. – Develop a dedicated OCR system for Chinese character, which can finish 4000 books’ recognition per day. Overview · Phase I

8 Partners – National Library of China – Shanghai Library – National Project for the Sharing of Cultural Information and Resources – party school of the CPC (Communist Party of China ) – University of National Defense – TOP 16 University in China – Hong Kong University – Hong Kong Chinese University – India Academy of Sciences – Thailand Chulalongkorn University – Alexander Library, Egypt – Carnegie Mellon University, US – UIUC Main Library – Harvard University Yenching Library – Oakland University Library, Newzland – Universal Digital Library – Internet Archive – IBM 、 HP ……

9 Collection in Phase I



12 Special Collection – DunHuang Literature – MinGuo(1911-1949) Collection – Confucianism/Taoism/Buddhism Classic Collection – Bamboo Slips /Silk / inscriptions on bronze etc.

13 CADAL Project, as the first phase of the digital library program, lay solid foundation for the future digital library construction in China. ZheJiang University Library, together with its partners in China, is applying for digital library project with funding from the Ministry of Education of China. Project Phase II

14 In phase II, we will – Get $22,000,000 funding from MOE – Digitize 1,500,000 items, including painting , Calligraphy , Audio , Video etc. – Expand storage capacity to more than 500 TB – Seek more international Partners, Expand to Europe and Africa. – Develop a Central Office to manage international Collaboration

15 – Chinese Ancient Books : 100,000 items – MinGuo Documents : 100,000 items – MinGuo Books : 20,000 items – MinGuo Periodical : 70,000 items – MinGuo Newspaper: 10,000 items – Chinese Books : 200,000 items – Chinese Newspaper : 200,000 items – Foreign language books : 200,000 items Project Phase II · Resource Digitization

16 – foreign language technical report 100,000 items – Cultural and historical collection : 300,000 items – ManTie: 100,000 items – QiaoPi: 50,000 items – local chronicles : 50,000 items – Chinese minority nationality material: 100,000 items Project Phase II · Resource Digitization

17 – Images and graphics : 250,000 items – painting and calligraphy 、 Comic and Animation 、 new year paintings 、 picture books … – specimens 、 slices 、 manuscript… – videos : 50,000 items Project Phase II · Resource Digitization


19 Collection in phase I Collection expected in phase IITotal Chinese Ancient book 155,910100,000255,910 MinGuo book236,594100,000336,594 Modern Chinese book 298,869200,000498,869 English book151,107300,000451,107 Chinese dissertation 178,159 178,195 Other Chinese collection 2786 Cultural and historical collection: 300,000 802,786 Chinese newspaper: 200,000 Multimedia resources: 300,000 Project Phase II · Resource Digitization

20 Provide services to faculties and students for their education and research activities in Universities in ”211” project offering service to the research institute, cultural organization and enterprises service delivery to the west areas in China Serve “Confucius Institute” Open access all over the world for those in public domain. Project Phase II · Service

21 Resource discovery : share through open interface Resource retrieval: seamless integration with system for document delivery Reference service : reference service on-line combine with reference service off-line Value add service : service non-profitable – Service for OCR – format conversion – resource integration and information on demand – information retrieval – digest, translation…… Project Phase II · Service

22 Work with legal community to research on solutions for copyright issues in non-profitable digital library Resource Retrieval : metadata, full- text, Personalized recommendation Information access: – Public domain : open access – library collection : access based on DRM – Non-library collection : document delivery and inter-library loan group authorization Project Phase II · Copyright & Solution

23 Mission – digitalization of Chinese resources oversea, exchange for foreign digital resources ; – Construction of technical standard for digital library ; – Special service based on characteristic resources ; – Take an active part in and push the cooperation between digital libraries ; Project Phase II · Cooperation

24 Expand the international cooperation –Reach intent of cooperation with India and Egypt –Signed memorandum of cooperation with UIUC –Draft collaboration agreements with Internet Archive 、 Open Content Alliance (OCA) 、 Oxford University Press ( OUP ), The final version will be signed shortly. Project Phase II · Cooperation

25 – ICUDL 2005 — The 1th International Conference on Universal Digital Library, ZheJiang University, HangZhou, China. – ICUDL 2006, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt – ICUDL 2007, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA – ICUDL 2008, IIT, Allahabad, India – ICUDL 2009, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA Expand the international cooperation Project Phase II · Cooperation

26 Resource construction and exchange – focus on the construction of Chinese cultural resources – Non-Chinese materials that do research on China – Technical reports – Government documents – proprietary literature – …… Project Phase II · Cooperation

27 Thanks

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