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Where credit union managers connect

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1 Where credit union managers connect

2 CUMA Welcomes John Tamas “Present with power!”

3 Present with Power! Use Knowledge, Passion and Purpose to get your message across and accepted John Tamas, Partner The Dale Carnegie® Business Group Copyright© 1998 Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.


5 Effectiveness of Presentations
“Boring” 44% “Sleepy” 40% “Stimulating” 3% WSJ: Motivational Systems survey of 200 large company V.P.s

6 When Incongruent... Words 7% Sound of Voice 38% Look/Act 55%
Dr. Albert Mehrabian, UCLA Professor 10 year study of non-verbal communication


8 Fundamentals Own your material Feel positive about your subject
Relate the value of your message to your audience

9 Guidelines Research material Make brief notes
Use examples and analogies Control nerves Be open Practice

10 Rapport Consider yourself honored Give sincere appreciation
Mention names Play yourself down - not up Smile

11 Rapport (2) Say “We” - not “You” Talk in listener’s interests Have fun
Don’t apologize

12 Rapport (3) Appeal to nobler emotions Welcome criticism
Be “a good person skilled in speaking”


14 Preparation Who is my audience? Purpose of my presentation?
How will I open? Major points to make? Supporting ideas and evidence? How will I close?

15 Openings Startling statement Question Mystery statement Compliment
Dramatic incident

16 Evidence Doubt Defeats Demonstrations Examples Facts Exhibits
Analogies Testimonials Statistics Doubt Evidence Doubt

17 Closings Conclude in a few words Appeal to a nobler motive
Propose a challenge Dramatize

18 Closings (2) Repeat the benefit Motivating statement Use a quotation
Speak on a personal level


20 Benefits of Visuals Dramatize ideas Guide the presentation direction
Make the message easy to understand

21 The Power of Visuals Copyright© 1998 Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.

22 Learning 83% more through Eyes

23 Retention Reading 10%

24 Retention (2) Listening 30%

25 Retention (3) Seeing and Listening 53%

26 Visual Design: Basic Guidelines
Copyright© 1998 Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.

27 6 x 6 Rule Six words per line Six lines per screen

28 6 x 6 Rule Violated Here’s the first bullet item for this screen
The next bullet item - it has more to say This bullet item was hard to fit in this space This bullet was very important to include Now it’s time to see this very important bullet Pretty soon the screen is filled with text And the audience has to work too hard Interest in speaker’s presentation may be lost

29 Basic Design Guidelines
6x6 Rule The 10 Seconds Rule

30 Basic Design Guidelines
6x6 Rule The 10 Seconds Rule Check Spelling

31 Spelling Make sure to spell corectly Eye distracted by mistake
Listeners may miss message

32 Basic Design Guidelines
6x6 Rule The 10 Seconds Rule Check Spelling Font Size Font Size

33 Legibility 54 Impact Font Size
Legibility 12 Size of print on typed page Legibility 18 Legibility 24 Minimum Legibility 28 Legibility 36 Recommended Legibility 44 Titles Legibility 54 Impact

34 Basic Design Guidelines
6x6 Rule The 10 Seconds Rule Check Spelling Font Size Words and Graphics

35 Reporting Data as Text January Sales at 300 units
February Sales down to 250 units March Sales best yet = 425 units! Let’s go for April = 500 units

36 Make Data Visual Let’s Go! 600 500 500 425 400 300 300 250 200 100 Jan
Jan Feb Mar Apr


38 Question & Answer Period
Clarifies message Reinforces key points Exposes resistance Encourages audience interaction Provides opportunity to add evidence

39 Q&A Guidelines “We have (time) for questions...”
“Who has the first question?” Listen Repeat or paraphrase Respond

40 Q&A Guidelines (2) “Who has the next question?”
If no questions - state / answer own “Who has the final question?” Reiterate closing point


42 Where credit union managers connect

43 CUMA Trade Show Luncheon
Sponsored by…

44 Executive Breakout Sessions
Session 1 – Grand Hall E Add Some Vitamin C to Your Workplace Joe Sherren Session 2 – Maple Room A Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way Merge Gupta-Sunderji Session 3 – Maple Room B Present with Power John Tamas

45 Where credit union managers connect

46 21st CUMA Annual General Meeting
Where Credit Union Managers Connect 3:30 p.m. - Maple Room A & B

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